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    I have a powerbook 12' 867 mghz, I know I would rather have a new one,:mad: but not ready to give up on this old gal yet! Anywhoo I thought the logic board was fried but after letting the powerbook "rest" I came back months later and sometimes it will boot but as soon as I try to do anything it freezes, so maybe the harddrive is fried? How do you get it to ignore the internal drive so it will boot from an external? I guess I could just pull out the internal one?
    ideas? Thanks!:confused:
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    Hold down Option during startup.
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    Jeez, I used to know this stuff:eek:
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    do i need to boot from a firewire drive or will a usb drive work?
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    USB drive should work.
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    Only Intel machines can boot off USB, so you need to use Firewire.
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    You need to boot off of a Firewire drive, formatted in HFS+, with the partition map set to "Apple Partition Map" vs. "GUID" which is for Intel Macs only.

    An old iPod is pretty handy for this sort of a thing....
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    Thanks Mechozmo that's helpful. I've been trying to boot my Powerbook from a USB drive and now thanks to you I'm going to use a Firewire drive.

    How do I format my firewire drive so that it's bootable? I have the OS 10.5 install disk. I want to be able to boot from the external drive, then use that drive to reinstall OS 10.5 on the Powerbook hard drive.

    For my external drive I can use a firewire drive or my new Macbook Pro laptop connected with firewire.

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    NC MacGuy

    Not to be silly or anything but why can't you boot from your onboard optical?

    It should still work with a fried HDD.

    Hold down the C key and insert disk when restarting.

    Maybe I missed something?

    WTF? This thread is ancient...
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    My guess is you're seeing evidence of someone new to the forums actually using the search function ;)

    Necro posts are the inherent danger of encouraging searches for problems that have been previously discussed, but not locking threads after a period of inactivity.

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