How to code and make an iPhone application

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by themacguy12, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Hello All,

    Okay, I want you to pretend I know nothing at all. Assume I'm just a normal mac user when I explain this :]

    I have a website, FULL of apple videos, commercials, keynotes etc.

    I want to make an iPhone application. Not a web App, but a native app.

    how would i do this?

    i know nothing about coding, nothing about web php blah blah.

    where can i start? who can teach me? can it be done free online?
    (I'm a poor high school student)

    Or maybe this really needs to be a web app, I would love to earn a small bit of revenue so i can keep my website going too.

    Step by step would be amazingly great!

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    Step by step? So you want someone else to do all the work for you? Good luck with that!

    Also, you don't own the copyright to those videos. So there is no way that Apple is going to let you make money distributing them.
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    i dont want someone to do all the work for me, I want to learn how to do this. my attempt on doing this is
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    save the trouble and make a web app
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    is there a tutorial for dashcode?
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    dashcode is basically javascript if you know that you will be fine
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    Fixed that for ya! ;)
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    thank you
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    Get yourself an account like 'MrAppleVideo' over at YouTube and host the videos there. Putting it all on YouTube would seem the easiest.
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    This is going to sound rude but...

    Why would your potential competition want to help you learn how to compete with them?

    This is a business in which people make money. Asking for a step-by-step from IBM on how to create a microchip is probably going to get you nowhere as well.

    We can give you vague answers, such as "Search Google for help" or "Buy a book from Amazon", and even help with a chunk of code, but step-by-step you're going to have to find on your own.

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    haha i tried. its okay, i just give up. i just wanted a chance for apple enthusiasts to enjoy apple videos. and im not gonna sit and break up 2 hour keynotes into 10 min segments.

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