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How to convert compiled HTML to PDF

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Rhobes, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Hello All-

    I have a navigation program (Garmin HomePort) which I would like to print its "Help" program. It would be similar to opening a Finder Window and clicking on Mac Help from the Help in the upper menu which opens Help to a separate window.

    I can find freeware, (.chm to PDF converters) which open compiled HTML "Help" files but I cannot find a way to see the actual CHM files (or work in any way with the Help window) in order to open them into the converters. Suppose to drag CHM files to the converter to read and convert to PDF format to which I could then print out the entire "Help Program".

    The Help program on HomePort is like an operators manual, for which reason I would like a printed copy.

    Anyone have a clue what I'm asking??:confused:
  2. ytk
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    Erm... Why not print it from the help browser? Just click on the gear icon in the toolbar and select print.
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    It will only print the first page, 1 page, it doesn't open links and print beyond that.
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    I don't think that's a standard format, but something MS developed for simplifying their various large help files as a single bundle, but I don't think Apple supports it in any fashion.

    However, I did find this website, which offers a free viewer for OSX. http://support.motioneng.com/downloads-notes/htmlhelp/default.htm#viewer

    I've never used it, so I can't vouch for it in any way.
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    Yes, I stumbled across that one and didn't try it. I've tried 3 others which did not work, at least how I'm expecting them to. The ones I tried converted the page you saw to a PDF and that's all, 1 page. I'm thinking they need to convert much more. Of course, then I uninstall it all.

    With a little luck maybe someone will chime in yet who is familiar with xCHM, thanks for pointing it out to me again-
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    Find out if the Help content is the same as the User's Manual content.

    User's Manual PDFs can be downloaded from Garmin's website. Google search terms:
    garmin user manual
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    But not for their software-
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    The program I pointed to, at least as far as I expected, was simply a viewer. I was assuming you had access to a Microsoft HTML to CHM converter program.

    And, if you are converting live web pages, that's now how I remember it working. I used to write software for windows computers many years ago, and you created a large bunch of .htm files, all with a special type of links, then you ran the converter on those. You didn't point it to a live website and I don't think the URLs were correct HTML URLs. But, the concept was the same.

    Of course, that was before .NET, which I haven't paid much attention to. I have no idea what they are doing nowadays.

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