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how to create new window using xcode in a same application?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by chidambaram, Apr 11, 2008.

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    hi all,

    I am working in a carbon c++ application using XCode.

    In VB,

    We can design two forms.
    When i click a button in first form, i can able to see the second form.

    Like that,

    How can i create a window when i click a button in carbon c++ application?

    Thanks in advance and urgent plz....
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    I'm just curious - you've asked at least three fairly basic coding questions on this board, each with "urgent please." What are you working on?
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    I am new to XCode.

    Now only i am starting to read XCode.

    I am developing messenger program.
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    If you are just learning, I'd take my time and learn, not rush and perhaps get advice that you implement without any understanding. Either you have a very short time to learn because you're leaving the planet, etc. (which I hope isn't the case) or you have some sort of deadline for this, which obviates the educational aspect of the project.

    Others are probably better fit to answer this, but i think you want multiple nibs. This tutorial shows you how to load other nibs.

    This may be unnecessary, my Interface Builder experience is pretty limited. I would say that whatever you're going to do it's going to require the routine bound to the button click to invoke the new window. Whether that is going to require a separate nib or not can hopefully be clarified by others here.

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    Why are you using Carbon not Cocoa? Carbon is essentially deprecated as it is going 64 bit and Cocoa is really the future of Mac development.

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