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How to create search function on 100+ PDFs that are in a DVD

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by macaddict23, Nov 25, 2008.

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    I think this is the right forum for question.

    Here's my current project . . .

    I have 100+ PDFs that needs to be compiled onto a DVD. I'm hoping to create a search function to find specific articles based on keywords, titles, etc. In other words, I'm hoping for a web-like experience when one starts the DVD. Which software can do this sort of thing?

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    This is built into Acrobat. What you need to do is build a full-text index for the entire document base.

    Searching this way (note that this is not the standard find but the Advanced search) will return a search-engine like page of results. You'll want to look under "Catalog" in the on-line help.

    In Acrobat 9 this is under Advanced->Document Processing->Full text index with catalog. You may want to build a PDF as a "start page" for the whole system.
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    Thanks, rcurrie. I'll talk a look at Acrobat.

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