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How to deauthorise a computer if the computer is dead....

Discussion in 'iPod' started by k2k koos, Aug 30, 2008.

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    k2k koos

    Ive got an old dead Mac, which is still authorised for iTunes playback.
    I want to deauthorise it, how can I do this when the computer is broken......:apple:

    Ps: Same goes for an old iPod Nano which didn't survive the laundry......:apple:
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    k2k koos

    Thanks, that's usefull, all I need to do afterwards is to authorise those computers that still need the authorisation right?

    And what about iPods? :apple:
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    That is correct. The button might not appear unless you have all 5 authorisations used (can't quite remember).

    iPods do not need authorisation, as long as they are synced with a computer that is authorised then they will work.
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    yes, you have to have 5 computesr authorized to be able to de-authorize all of them.
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    once you authorize 5 computers.. and then you De-authorize them, does that mean you start anew?, like you can begind authorizing 5 other computers (all my authorizations are from having to reinstall the os on my computer)

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    Yes that is correct. In future remember to deauthorise before reinstalling (althoguh I never remember myself)

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