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how to display calendar in iphone emulator

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by rajneesh.deora, Aug 28, 2008.

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    hi all ,

    i am new to iphone development so plz do assist me ,i needs to display a calendar similar to ICalc in my application's emulator i didn't find any such help all over the internet plz do help me its very urgent .
    I have attached a screen shot for the same .Plz have a look on it
    If you peoples can provide me code for the same the same i will be very thankful to you .

    Any Help will be appreciable.

    thanks in advance
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    You want us to provide you code to display that? This is a joke right? You seriously expect us to sit and do your job for you?
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    how to display calendar in iphone emulator

    Nothing like that .You r getting me wrong.I just want how to display that calender as in Screenshot attached coz i haven't found any control for that and i don't know how to add this one.Act. there is UIDatePicker control but it doesn't fulfill our needs.

    If you know how to integrate it then plzz help me.

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    There isn't a control like that: if you want one you have to write one yourself. Where is the screenshot from? I assumed it was a conceptual mockup for an app you are meant to be writing. Are you are posting screenshots of other peoples apps and asking us how to copy them?
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    I have tried a lot but I am unable to integrate it.So Plzz give me any idea abt the same.

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    here is the Screen Shot
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    Integrate what? Integrate: "To make into a whole by bringing all parts together".

    So what are you integrating? There is not part that is that calendar control. This is not a simple thing: you can't just drag that into your view. You have to write a lot of code. I suggest, once again, that you work out how to break this control down into simple parts, decide on how each part will be represented and constructed and work from there towards a solution. No-one is going to take the considerable time to write this for you.

    I also have my suspicions that you are being paid to develop this. If you are (or are intending selling this once complete) I suggest that you are up-front with people...
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    If u want a date selection controller Why u r not making use of DatePicker ????

    Or if u want exactly like iCal ...u wanna make ur own view....
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    As people have said, the iCal calendar interface is a custom view that Apple do not provide as part of the SDK, so you'll have to roll your own.
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    plzz let me suggest how can we start it...

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