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How to do this in iTunes?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by WiiDSmoker, Sep 20, 2010.

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    In my on going quest of iTunesing everything and being 100% consistent; I've stumbled across this puzzle.

    How do I show the Rating of the Movie or TV in the title as you can see in the picture attached?

    The ones with the rating are digital copies that came with Blu-Rays; the others are my own rips.

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    How did you get the rest of the info in? by using iTunes only eg description?

    the rest of the stuff is embedded in the actual MP4 file, have a look here fro programs to do it, it what i'm doing now

    Can I ask what he Blu Ray Digital copies are like? do they play on iTunes, Apple TV, iPhones etc fine? how big are they per hour roughly? eg 1Gb/hr?

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    Everything that I've ripped myself; I've done manually. That includes all the meta data and the picture art.

    They are good; they're comparable to slightly above DVD I'd say. They range from 1GB-3GBs. Depending on the movie.
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    You can add the rating tag using Subler.
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    MetaX can add it as well. But you run the risk of corrupt files. Somehow I haven't run into this, but many others have.
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    Do I get points for noticing from the picture that you're running the Windows version of iTunes, so Subler wont work as it's Mac only. What you need is Windows MetaX which works perfectly without corrupting files:)
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    Great thanks!! :D

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