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How to format a floppy disk

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by karambos, Sep 29, 2004.

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    G4 dual 1GHz MDD, 1,25 GB Ram, OS 10.2.8

    I'm trying to format a floppy disk.

    I can't find any "Format" option in any of the menus or registers of Disk Utility. I successfully erased an MS-DOS formatted disk which then no longer showed up on the desktop. When I ejected it and re-inserted it I got a message saying "You have inserted a disk that is not compatible with Mac OSX. If you wish to initialise press initialise". I pressed initialise and Disk Utility opened again. But I can't find an initialise option. I tried mounting, erasing, repairing, verifying.

    Can anyone tell me how to format a floppy?

    As always I'm grateful for any help.
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    The "Initalize" option is actually under "Erase"--Click the disk, click the "Erase" tab, set your settings, and click "Erase".

    I'm in 10.3--so there might be something a little different for you, but try that.

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