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How to format a RAID to be sold?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Siderz, Apr 4, 2013.

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    I'm selling my LaCie 240GB Thunderbolt SSD RAID, and I need help with formatting it...since I've never formatted a RAID before.

    I'm assuming it's as simple as formatting a HDD?

    I also want to zero the drive.

    OSX ML 10.8.3.
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    Un-RAID it and format the individual SSDs via Disk Utility and use the Security Options button in the ERASE section to ZERO OUT the SSDs.

    The buyer can then create its own RAID.
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    How do un-RAID?

    And I'd rather sell it as a RAID otherwise the box is a bit deceiving/makes it a bit easier for the buyer. RAID0, that is.
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    If it is a RAID created in Mac OS X, go to Disk Utility and select the RAID and then delete it.
    But as you an also use the ERASE tab when the RAID is active, you select the RAID, go to the ERASE tab, then click the SECURITY OPTIONS button and then ZERO OUT.

    More help with creating RAIDS in Disk Utility.
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    Good info, just bought a NAS and was wondering how to create a RAID. Thx
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    The security options button is greyed out :S

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    Good rule of thumb: If you value your data, do not use RAID 0.

    RAID 0 stripes the disks together, which will give you the maximum amount of disk space available. However, if their is a single bad block in that stripe, or there is a bad disk, you lose all of the data in that RAID, as RAID 0 treats the whole thing as one huge drive.

    Depending on how many drives you are going to use, RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 10 will be your best bet.

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    Then delete the RAID under the RAID tab when the RAID is selected on the left side. I currently do not have a RAID in front of me, thus I cannot show it to you with screenshots.
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    Yeah, I already deleted them.
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    Upon searching around a bit, it appears you can't actually zero an SSD on OSX.

    Not surprised, I've heard how it shortens the life of the SSD and what not.


    Looks like this answers any security concerns.

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    Good to know, as I surely did not know that before. Thanks.

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