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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by dogbone, Oct 28, 2005.

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    I have used GoLive to build a web page and I've entered some relevent words in the meta tag section but after a year it still doesn't show up in google. Are there some pro tips anyone could tell me about. I'll resort to anything as long as it works.
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    To my knowledge, Google does not index your meta ‘keywords' tag but it does index your meta 'description' tag. Make sure your description contains your most important search keywords. Someone correct me if I'm wrong ;)

    Edit: Remember to change your title tag (between <TITLE> and <HEAD>) to some meaningful text with your keywords.
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    Once your site gets referenced by Google, many things go into determining its ranking. Amongst others:
    * page title
    * keywords/description meta data
    * <h1>, <h2>, etc. header content
    * page content
    * number of external links to your site
    * ranking of sites that have external links to your site
    * text used in the external links to your site

    All this information is compiled, some being more important than other. As a general guideline use the pertinent keywords in page title, h1 headers, description meta, & more generaly towards the top of the page content. Try to get a maximum number of external links (from mainstream websites if possible), and try to "control" the text they use in their links.

    For more detailed information about google, try me. To get your site referenced by google ASAP, use this.
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    None of those things will matter unless google gets to your site first. So you need to 1. Submit your site to google, 2. get linked by other sites. Google will spider their site and finally see your site.

    After one year, I bet you are in there, probably just not for your keywords. You have to think about your keywords too. Try searchin on google for your exact domain name. If it does appear then you have some SEO work to do, and changing your meta tags is justs the begining.
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    What is your Web site? If you want people to find it, you should be linking it everywhere, not just hoping for a Google search.

    Google works by directing people to sites that are already popular. Google isn't going to help you make your site popular.

    Put your URL in your .sig, here and on other forums. E-mail owners of sites that complement yours, telling them how great your site is (actually first you should tell THEM how great THEIR site is!). You need to build buzz about your site. Eventually, if your site is worthwhile, the links will come. Then the hits will come, and lastly, you'll start seeing results on Google.
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    Try typing "" into Google (replacing "yoursite" with your URL :D ). If you get a result for that saying "", it means Google has indexed it. If you then type in (for example) "Your Site" and it doesn't show up, then it's a keyword problem. If you get nothing with either, you need to submit it to Google.

    I find the whole google thing quite annoying, because they assume your webpage follows a certain structure. I have a lot of graphics on my page, and don't use <h1> etc, so google doesn't index it properly. But it's more important that it looks good than google indexing it for me personally.

    Oh, and why not link to your site in your signature? It's another link out there in the wide web that will boost your ratings.

    edit: Wordmunger and ChicoWeb beat me there! Serves me right for dithering over a post for hours :D
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    Like Chico said, submit a sitemap to Google.

    This won't guarantee better rankings but will help Google index your site, which can only be a good thing.
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    Can I post a link to a commercial site, or will MR regard that as spamming? I have a website under construction that will be used for my own business and obviously I want it to be as widely seen as possible. I couldn't see anything obvious in the T&Cs.
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    uggg another "how do I get my site on google thread"

    seems like maybe we should have a sticky thread devoted to this topic.
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    Read: Post #7 & #8; before Google will index your site.
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    And last line of post #3... ;)
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    Sorry whocares! I should not have missed to quote your suggestion. ;)

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