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How to get rid of scuffs?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nrfujnbfvj, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Can i get rid of this mark?


    photos from iphone so look worse in real life

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    More than likely not. You might try a skin if it bothers you a lot.
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    It might be possible. There are aluminum polish kits you can buy on Amazon and elsewhere.

    Here is one of many websites telling you how to polish/buff aluminum http://voices.yahoo.com/how-polish-aluminum-6467758.html

    Personally, I would first take it to a jeweler's shop. They have the type of buffing equipment that should work on a MBA.
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    Are you serious?
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    That is so tiny, and so unnoticeable, I wouldn't waste 1 sec of time even thinking about it.
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    Its worse than it looks in the photos
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    Sticker maybe?
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    Scuffs set you free, now you can stop babying your laptop and start using it as it was meant for, as a tool.

    Now you are free....
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    Its a laptop, it is going to get scratches and scuff marks on the base and top of the laptop, espeically if you use it as its meant to be, lugged around. ;) Who cares
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    Tears and acceptance.
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    Its a phase we seem to go through. Same thing with my car when I bought it new, I would wash it every week and park far away from others. I still end up with scuff marks and random dents. After awhile I didn't even pay attention to those things and cared more for the maintenance of my vehicle, rather than aesthetics.

    For my Air I spent $100 on the Sena folio case, admittedly it is expensive, but it offers both protection, peace of mind, and convenience to carry it wherever I go without thinking about these things.

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