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How to get songs from computer into I-Tunes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jenn2674, Sep 5, 2005.

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    Just got a new ipod and have been copying CDs onto my computer. I made the mistake of using the default copy software instead of copying the songs into Itunes directly. So how do I go about getting these songs that are on my hard drive into itunes so that I can put them on my computer?

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    As you seem to be using the general term "computer" rather than the more specific term "Mac", I guess we can't assume you are on a Mac.

    So what is this default copy software and what format did it copy your music onto your hard drive in.

    And did this software add song names and album data? If not, you'd be better off starting over using iTunes as it'll grab most of that data from a database and include it within the files it makes.
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    In itunes, Go to File->Add to Library and then navigate to the folder containing your music.
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    You can also just find the folder containing ALL the songs, and drag that into the iTunes window.
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    if the "default copy software" ripped them in wma, iTunes (the way you spell it [Mac not MAC and so forth]:)) will have to convert it to your codec of choice. but yeah, like Counterfit said, just drag the folder into your itunes library.

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