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how to group multiple artists into 1 album

Discussion in 'iPod' started by hehe299792458, Jul 26, 2009.

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    I have an album with multiple artists, but I can't get it to be displayed as a single album inside iTunes. I have many other albums with multiple artists, and they work fine. It's just this one album - in the grid and cover flow views, it's displayed as multiple albums with the various artists' names beneath them. Any ideas?:cool:
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    Fill in Album Artist as "Various Artists"
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    Tallest Skil

    Are you sorting by artist or album?
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    You can sort by album or you can open iTunes, right click on the songs and "get info" then change the album artist to the album name.
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    I have selected all songs and then in the get info section try to have the same info in all of them, album, dates,coverflow etc. I have also used compilation. It has worked in most cases. I am trying to figure out why it does not work with some songs.

    I am also using Tuneup software but with not much progress yet. No progress because of my lack of time not the sofware.


    Hope it helps.
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    I'd rather keep the artists' names if possible

    @Tallest Skil
    by album

    that only worked for certain albums for some strange reason

    I'll try that. thanks
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    my apologies. I had mistake artist for album artist. That worked quite well. Thanks!

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