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How to I keep my iPod safe?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Ariii, May 20, 2012.

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    I'm sort of accident-prone with this, so I need at least something to stop it from becoming lost forever. Right now, I have a note with my name and phone number enclosed in the 'notes' section (I have 5th-gen and 2nd-gen Nanos that I carry around, will soon get a 3rd-gen Classic). Would people usually read this, or should I do something different? I've heard that some people use tracking devices on theirs, would that be practical to do with mine? I've heard that some people put tracking devices on theirs, so would this be practical to do?
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    Perhaps people would look at notes though I doubt it. I don't think there is any feasible tracking solution for iPod Nanos/Classics only for iOS devices which have FindMyiPhone installed.

    The best way is to just make sure the iPod stays in your pocket and you don't forget it. Statistically the more we worry about something happening the more likely it will happen.
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    Oh, I just lost it :(. But thanks! I was on a bus, my two Nanos were in my pocket, and I can't see them anywhere. Will soon call the bus company. :(

    But I'm going to buy a third-generation Classic though! Is there any cheaper iPod though? I use 20 GB for my music.
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    Sorry to hear but the will be an hour long "run around" that will bring you 360º.
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    Wait, so you made this thread saying you were accident prone and then within 24 hours, you actually lost the iPods? Or am I wrong?

    If I'm right you really are accident prone! :p

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