How to install over network?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by SPG, Jun 24, 2004.

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    I've got an ibook and an powerbook sitting here.
    ibook 500 running OS9.2.2 but with a BROKEN combo drive that I got off of ebay.
    Powerbook 400 OSX 10.3 Combo drive
    I have OSX 10.1 install discs and Panther upgrade discs.
    How do I install OSX onto the iBook without an optical drive on it?
    Both machines have Airport, and I have ethernet and firewire cables.
    Any way to install OSX from the powerbook's combo drive?

    Thanks for any help, I'm feeling a bit frustrated and techmonologicably stoopit today.
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    if im not mistaken, I believe that you need to have Mac OS 10.3 Server on your powerbook to install something over a network... but not sure if it pertains to installings OS's.
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    You can create an install disk image on the PBook. Then boot the iBook in target disk mode and install the image on the iBook HD over Firewire.
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    gbojim, couldn't you just keep the CD in the drive, boot into Target Disk Mode, then select the CD from the iBook? rather than making an install image? im not 100% sure.

    anyway, SPG, if you dont know how to boot into target disk mode, connect the two computers with a firewire, then reboot the powerbook holding the 'T' key, after a minute or so, a large firewire image will come on the screen. and now the ibook can see it as an external drive.

    also, couldnt you connect the two through ethernet, just enable file sharing on both computers, then connect the ibook to the powerbook. now you should be able to see the entire Powerbook, including CDs.
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    Oops. I misread the original post. I thought the iBook was not booting. I was actually suggesting booting the iBook in target, not the PBook.

    Yes you can connect over the network from the iBook to a shared CD on the PBook. I don't know if you can install OS X over the network from a shared CD. If not, my original suggestion stands.
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    I agree with target disk mode. It's the best option. You could even use Disk Utility to clone the PowerBook's drive over to the iBook. It will be faster than a nnormal install.
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    Yes, there is something called netinstall that requires 10.3 server and a disk image. That is a WAN solution and in this case superflous. You can't access the powerbooks's cd because both computers need panther. Even if, you still can't boot from a connected network drive because the action of connecting to one is controlled by the OS and booting is controlled by ROM and its Firmware. So what should you do? Boot the powerbook from the OS X cds, boot the iBook into target disk mode (T at startup) and select the ibook's Macintosh HD (Orange logo) as the target destination. Do the same for the Panther Upgrades. Done and Done.
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    Aha! Now this sounds promising. Unfortunately it's a little too late to get into tonight, but I'll try this tomorrow.
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    Did this work?

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