How to put an app into launchpad?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by stevefo, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I downloaded MplayerX and wanted to put it into launchpad. It's currently in my dock. I tried to drag and drop and that does not work. How can I get it to Launchpad?
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    If it's in your Applications folder, it'll automatically be added when those folders get scanned for content, so make sure you put the app in there.

    Else, if you don't wanna wait or don't want to put it in the folder for some reason, just drag the app to the launchpad icon and it'll add it to launchpad.
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    If you find it in finder (NOT DOCK) and drag it on top of launch pad and let go it should work, at least if launchpad is in the dock.
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    Go to its location with the finder and then movie it to the application folder. it will automatically be added to launchpad then.
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    It's only in my Dock. I must have pinned it without realizing it. It's not in finder or applications. How can i get it into launchpad?
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    CMD-click on the icon in the dock. That will open the Finder and select the app.
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    Got it! Thanks.
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    Drag the .app into the Applications folder. That's all.

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