How to re-arrange ipod Shuffle Music

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bertomactic, Oct 9, 2011.

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    I have an old iPod shuffle ( don't laugh ) and I loaded some music onto it, cool. But how do I re-organize the music ? Because all 37 songs will always play in the same order but i want to re-arrange them. I tried to drag and drop songs to different places within the list of songs but they don't move to the new location??? What do i do ??
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    Go into your iPod menu and activate the shuttle feature. Good luck.
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    Ok...i tried and i tried but i cant see to find the "Shuffle Feature" that you
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    I reorganize the playlist used for that shuffle in iTunes, before I connect the shuffle. I select the playlist in the lefthand side of iTunes display (the source list) and then make sure that the shuffle symbol in the bottom bar of iTunes at the left is not highlighted. Then in the righthand side the songs of the playlist are shown in the browser window if you set the display to be in list mode. then you can drag the songs around until you get an order you like. If it doesn't let you drag them, you have not turned off the shuffle symbol in the bottom lefthand side of your iTunes dispaly. When you are done rearranging, go over to the left hand side (the source list) and ctrl-click on that playlist name (to bring up a contextual menu) and select "Copy to Play Order" and that will make the play sequence for that list be what you arranged it to be in the browser window. Then connect your shuffle and let it refresh from that playlist. When you are done syncing, disconnect the shuffle. Turn it off, turn it on. Then when you play music with the shuffle option turned off, it will play in the order you picked when you rearranged the playlist.
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    Which shuffle do you have? If you have a 1st gen shuffle, there's a hardware shuffle switch.

    Here's how I do it with the 1st gen shuffle.

    I make a playlist that is sorted alphabetically by artist. I load that onto the shuffle in that order.

    When I play the shuffle in regular mode, the songs play in an order that I understand. If I want to shuffle, I just move the switch to the shuffle position.

    If I'm in shuffle mode and I want to find a specific song, I can tell where I'm at in the order by knowing the artist. I can then switch to regular mode and skipping forward/backward until I find the song I want.

    I'm not sure how the newer shuffles work since they have support for playlists.

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    Rearrange ipod shuffle music

    Thanks for the recommended remedies folks. However. i couldn't get any of them to work??!! Sorry ??!! But, i did try the following: and it worked for me???

    This is how I got around the issue that i was having trying to re-arrange the music on my iPOD shuffle. I deleted the music on my Shuffle and in itunes. Then I re-installed the music from into itunes from my music CD's. But instead of letting itunes number my music with their default numberings. I did a control click/ Get Info on each song and put in my own song number. And this worked. So when I want to re arrange songs i go into this same area and give each song a new number and the song will fall automatically fall into the new numerical order. But i do have to change the second songs number or otherwise i will have two songs with the same number. Hope tis makes sense for anybody who can use this this. Any comments, any one ???!!!
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    so you basically ruined your album view for having shuffled music? there is an easier way to achieve shuffled playlists.

    Select your playlist in iTunes -> click on the first column with the numbers in it -> click the shuffle button on the bottom left -> if you want to re-shuffle: click it twice

    now that's about it, you can now sync the playlist to the iPod.
    BTW EVERY iPod shuffle has a "shuffle" switch. there is a nice manual included with the iPod maybe you should read it!


    Best regards
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    Thanks i will give that a try.......and just to let you know Mr. Labaquette, what ever..... the ipod shuffle was given to me without a manual , you douche bag.
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    You do know you can go to Apple's web site and find all their manuals in the support section.

    Here's an old proverb for you.

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
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    No at the time i didn't know i could get a manual from the Apple web site but I did go that website and downloaded the manual. Mr. Labaquette could have said that instead of imposing his will of Mac superiority upon me.....he's probably one of those born again christians. You know one of the "Do as I say, not as i do" kind of holly rollers.
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    Please don't call someone douchebag just because you can't learn how to shuffle your music. Kids these days have very little patience. :rolleyes:

    Also, because I want to help, tell me which one of the following iPods do you have.

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    I have the second one from the left !
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