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How to Restore music from iPod WITH RATINGS?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by BillCKing, Jun 7, 2008.

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    My iTunes Library is corrupted. There is no way for me to get music back from the computer.

    I did the search. I tried Senuti, YamiPod. Neither of them will restore ratings.

    I tried iPod Rip, but this software won't read from an iPod that is synced to a PC.

    I also tried CopyTrans, it works decently on a PC and CAN restore all of the music from iPod WITH RATINGS. But I had a hard time getting the music from PC to my Mac.

    It would be really nice if someone could tell me a way to restore the entire library from my iPod with ratings, preferably with as much information as possible. I do have access to a PC and I would like it to be restored on a Mac.

    iPod Classic 80G, Songs 10833, Version 1.1.2 PC (I synced this with a PC)

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Get some DVD's and use the itunes back up feature to transfer music.
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    I am sorry. I didn't tell you that my iTunes Library was corrupted. There's no way for me to get the music back from the computer.
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    You maybe SOL. Do you use TM? If you do, you could try to restore you iTunes library from a time when it wasn't corrupted.

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    I paired this iPod with a PC. I just got a mac a couple of days ago. So... Time Machine? No go...

    I tried all kinds of disk repair or disk rescue softwares. It recovered some of my data, but not my music.:(
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    If your willing to pay big bucks, you could have the data extracted by a professional, but that will cost $500 and up. You may have to reenter your ratings.

    Just though of something- If you have another PC you could sync your ipod with that PC and then back up the library from that PC and then restore your library with ratings to your mac with the backup disk. you'll have to authorize the "spare PC' to get this to work. Also, your iPod won't copy any songs that were NOT purchased from itunes to a computer.

    Hope this works for you!

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    That might be a good idea... But that PC only has a CD burner... I can't imagine to burn hundreds of CDs...

    This might be a choice... But does anyone know how to alter some of the database files when directly transfer songs to another iTunes Library folder so that it would be usable on both machines?

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    EDIT: I see you are on a PC, so none of this applies. If you are using a Mac, this is very easy.

    If you want to move your music to your Mac, Do this:

    Use Senuti or whatever to get your music back to your Mac. Although, I would use this applescript: http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=importipodaudiofiles

    EDIT: The script above does not work on Windows formated iPods. Try something else.

    Then use this Applescript to transfer your ratings. I have done this myself. This is very easy.


    Doug's iTunes AppleScripts are a great resource.
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    look for a freeware software called music rescue?
    if u google it it should come up..
    same thing happend to me not that long ago and i used it to take all the songs back off the ipod on to my computer..oh yeah by the way its .exe but theres a .app version aswel i think:confused: the one good feature aswel is the fact it only replaces the ones that are corrupt or that u dont have in the library
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    Very strange, when I use Senuti I always get my ratings back. You just have to have the right 'touch' (sorry, I know that doesn't help but I remember that one time I tried it and it didn't retireve my ratings, and then after playing around with it I got it to work.)
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    Try Podview 1.7 or poup 1.1.1 from versiontracker.com.. both work very well!
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    What's poup? I couldn't find it on the Versiontracker.

    I think I will try to use the Senui + AppleScript tonight and see what happens.

    I will keep this updated.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Ratings can be restored, but new problems emerge.

    I tried the Senuti + Apple Script Combo. It worked, for most of the track. But some tracks lost their names (meaning their names field are completely empty) after restoration. Some of the names of tracks that are in Mandarin (Simplified Chinese) turned out to be a lot of completely unreadable random codes. I know it has something to do with the tag encoding. But I don't know how to deal with it..

    I wonder what apple will tell me if I call them.

    Any further suggestions?


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