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Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by englishman, Sep 10, 2011.

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    How do you show package contents in Lion.
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    In Finder, right click on an app > Show Package Contents
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    Doesn't seem to work
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    What package (app, library or otherwise) are you trying to show?

    Just to makes sure you know where it is:
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    It works here.

    Is this a particular application? Or all applications?

    Can you try it in a different profile.
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    Eg I just downloaded the JDK from the Apple DC site.

    See attached

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    Different user same thing and on my laptop and desktop? :confused:


    Ah ha. I get show package contents with Address Book so it must be package specific. Maybe when packages are created there is some kind of option?
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    Jolly Jimmy

    You need an app like Pacifist to show the contents of a .pkg file.
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    Thanks. It says though not yet available for Lion :(
  10. alexbates, Sep 10, 2011
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    That is a OS X 10.5 package. Only 10.4 packages allow you to view the contents in Finder. You can use Pacifist (as mentioned) or you can open the package in Installer and go to File>Show Files

    Edit: Or if you want to convert the package to 10.4, open it in PackageMaker (part of Apple SDK), click the package icon, change "Minimum Target" to "Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger," and build.
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    Thanks Alex and everyone for your help.

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