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how to toggle shuffle in new grid mode?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by vega07, Sep 9, 2008.

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    can someone help me out here? if I click play album, only songs in that album play. what if I want to shuffle my entire library after only playing one song from an album? there is a workaround. I can go back to coverflow mode or list mode and press play and then go to grid mode. but this is a nuisance.
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    The Shuffle button on the bottom left of the window...

    Ah... I see what you mean...
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    shuffle is activated.

    try playing an album and keep skipping tracks. you're limited only to that album. what I want is to shuffle the whole entire library in grid mode.
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    Sky Blue

    Looks like you're limited to that album.
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    Yeah, I just tried.

    How very annoying.
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    itunes 8 - FAIL
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    seems to shuffle my entire llibrary unless i'm not understanding your problem
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    I've just clicked through the 3 different views and now it'll shuffle in Grid.
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    yeah, if you start playing your music in list/coverflow mode and return to grid, it will shuffle.

    but what if you want to shuffle in grid mode? I don't want to have to go to coverflow or list mode just to shuffle. I this is a limitation of grid mode, because it only allows you to "play album."

    I prefer grid mode to the other two modes so I want to stick to only the grid.
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    It does now shuffle in grid view for me.
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