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How to use 3rd party AU Instrument in Logic?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by ChrisA, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I'm trying to learn how to use third party AU software instrument plug ins from within Logic (I have the latest version from Software Update.)

    I got Kore 2 Player to run and now I want to use it. So I create a "software instrument" track and then I want to assign the Kore 2 player to the track but I don't see "Kore 2" in the library panel.

    How do I get Kore 2 (or any other third party plug in) to show up as a selection in my list of software instruments?

    I figured out I need to run Logic in 32-bit mode. That is fine as I only have 3GB of RAM.
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    If all is installed correctly, you should be able to choose the AU Instrument by doing these steps:

    1. Create a Software Instrument
    2. Press in the empty Box (where the instrument should normally show up)
    3. navigate to : AU Instruments>Native Instruments>Kore 2

    external AU Instruments do not show up in the normal instrument list. You have to navigate to AU Instruments. It does not matter if you run Logic in 32 bit or 64 bit. If you are in 64 bit, there are two folders.

    One is called "AU Instruments" (64bit content) and one is called "32-bit AU Instruments" (32 bit content) which runs via the Logic 32-bit Audio Unit.
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    What seisend means is to create a software instrument track. In the Inspector you see it's related channel strip. In the I/O section there are two rectangles. One for the output and one for the instrument.

    Click and hold on the instrument and from the list select AU Instruments>Native Instruments>Kore 2

    If you are running Logic in 32-bit mode you will not see the 64-bit folders.

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    see the 3 screen shots below:

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    Thanks all of you. I will give it a try later tonight.

    Why did I not think of "click and hold?" I tried double click and right click.

    It may be that I don't have the NI stuff installed correctly, we shall see but it will be 10:00pm before I get to try
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    you only need to click and hold if a plugin already exists in that slot. Double click wil open the plugins window. Single click if it's empty to see the list.

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    Second option :

    Click and hold for about a second and then release the button if an I/O or Effect is already chosen. This will pop-up the MENU as well ! So you don't have to keep on pressing the button until you have found what you want.
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    Got it working. My mistake at first was to assume AUs would show up in library browser along with Apple Jam Packs and garage band instruments. Clicking on the channel strip inspector only brought up the control for the already selected instrument. Got it straight now.

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