How would Pages on iPad work with MS Word on Mac?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Aluminum213, Apr 21, 2012.

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    In terms of compatibility and transferring of files back and forth?
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    Pages and Word are not the best in terms of compatibility beyond the simplest of formatting.
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    Well I use Pages on iPad and I can download the files from iCloud to my Mac and open it with MS words . And vice versa too. But the page format might be a bit different? (or it's just the view, how iPad pages is almost full screen and Mac word has heaps of option bars.
    But pages are limited to its font capability.
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    They generally don't. If you require formatting then it's a no go.

    There are options with seem to be better, like Quick Office Pro HD.
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    as the post about says, i think there will be better options than pages, i personally use iA writer and then just email it to myself (you can do this from in app therefore is not at all time consuming) and open on pages on my macbook as it saves as a rtf or txt file i think you can choose. This should work the same with word on mac.
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    just remember that any document sent by email has no security.
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    How do you get Word documents from your Mac on Pages on iPad?
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    You can actually drag your documents into iCloud. It's like a normal computer, but just within a browser.
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    MS Word to Pages Compatability...

    I have had some issues creating docs in Pages on the iPad and then keeping formatting onthe Mac in MS Word 2008. I also have Documents-To-Go on my iPad and when I know that I need a document from the iPad to work on the Mac, I just use Docs-To-Go on the iPad and the compatability is much better. Otherwise, I just reformat the document in MS Word after opening it on the Mac.

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