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How would you do this?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by IgnatiusTheKing, Mar 10, 2008.

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    My boss asked me today what I would need to have to put him on our website like this.

    I know how to shoot it, but what then? I'm not really familiar with video in Flash (yet). Would I need After Effects to drop out the background (key out a green screen, I suppose)?

    I guess my main question is, what (other than Flash and Dreamweaver) would I need to accomplish this?

    Your help is, as always, greatly appreciated.
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    If you have an open space with plenty of clearance above his head, and are able to run extension cables for lighting, you could pull this off rather inexpensively, if you're willing to do some trial and error.

    First off, you'll need a green screen for chroma keying in order to remove the background as you thought. You don't have to purchase a professional one for a one time video shoot. Check around with local photographers and see if any of them are willing to rent or loan you the green screen backdrop and a frame. If not, then you can go totally ghetto, and head over to the fabric store. Here's a tutorial site for making your own green screen.

    Next, head over to the hardware store and pick up some lights. Get the work lights like seen here. Here is a link to lighting for chroma keying. If you're unable to obtain a backdrop stand on loan, you can always try draping it over a PVC pole and suspending the ends, or something similar. Also, you may want to be in an area where you can open a door, fan, or window as those lights get very hot, very quickly, and your boss will be sweating like a pig, hehe. Be careful about anything getting too near them, or covering them with fabric, etc., and starting a fire as well.

    I think that's really all you'll need assuming you have the video camera and a tripod. Good luck with your project! :)
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    Could you save yourself the trouble of green screens by having him stand in front of a backdrop that will suit the rest of the site, eg a plain colour that would work with your site palette.
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    Thanks for the info, but like I said, I know how to shoot it. My question was about what software I'd need to use to make the video ready for Flash. I guess I wasn't clear.
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    My bad.
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    render the video with an alpha channel in After Effects as an mov (background green screened and color key it as an alpha). Bring into flash video encoder and convert with "encode alpha channel" checked in the video options.

    Newer versions of AE have a flv export built in.

    a less bulky file can be produced (alphas are bulky) by rendering the video in After Effects with the background already in it and no alphas. Youll have to spend a little time aligning the video so it lines up with the background on your website but may be worth it.

    So to answer your question, If you have a new version of AE (CS3) thats all you need. Or an older version of AE and flash video encoder
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    No problem. My original post wasn't clear; sorry.

    That's what I was hoping for. Thanks for the info.
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    Tell him you highly advise against it and that it will look absolutely terrible. It hurt me just to load that site and look at it. He'll thank you down the road. :)
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    I actually did tell him that, but he didn't buy it.
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    Well, thats what counts; that you recognized how dreadful of an idea it is. Some people will always think these things are cool and neat, though. I wish you the best of luck in completing this.

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