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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by daredevil222, Nov 14, 2005.

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    i write html code in a html editor in my mac.... but when i transfer the html file, to see how it looks on a pc, it looks different... and the code changes a bit... what can i do??
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    You could be more descriptive!

    How do you "transfer the HTML file"?

    How is it different?

    Do you mean the source code has changed? If you your transfer method is corrupting the file.

    Do you mean the rendered file in a web browser is different? If so this is pretty normal. Different browsers can render content differently. If this is the case I'd recommend doing some reading!
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    I transfer the htm file with a flash disk...
    the source code changes... when i open for example the notepad to see the code i wrote in my mac, i see some strange signs.... between the tags...
    also, I made a table (5x5) in my html file... and when i open it, in the internet exporer in the pc, it adds one more line by itself....
    it so strange...
    why does this happen?
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    "Strange Signs" are probably due to a difference in line end characters. Windows uses one convention, Unix uses another. Classic Mac uses another (I'm not sure if OSX uses Mac or Unix). Try opening it in Wordpad as it understands Unix/Mac line end characters better than Notepad.

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