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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by dayonaadrie, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. dayonaadrie
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    Dec 3, 2011
    I'm on HughesNet satellite internet which only allows unlimited download without slowing me down between 1 and 6 am. I needed updates for my iMac last night, so I stayed up until one in the morning to start them; I would like to know if there's anyway to allow my Mac to update on a schedule, only at those times. An automator script or something.
  2. avflinsch
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    Jul 14, 2011

    I was on HughesNet a few years ago and had the same problem. Whenever there was something large I needed to download, I would start it with an at and wget commands

    to start a download from the command line
    at 0105
    wget -c -O /Users/me/Downloads/file_name
    <control d>

    you could also use curl instead of wget, I prefer wget.

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