iPhone I hope they add SMS delivery report on iOS 7

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Oz., Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Oz.
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    ...I can't believe this feature doesn't exist in iOS
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    It's going to be extremely unlikely that this will ever be added to the iPhone. Apple has been very reluctant to introduce network-related features that aren't widely used in the US.

    Given that they have their own "competing" product with this feature (iMessage), it's now even more unlikely.
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    ios 7 beta delivery reports

    It appears as though apple may be adding delivery reports to ios7!!!


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    It has always done that... it is just saying your reception sucks and the message was never even sent.
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    Thats not new to iOS 7.
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    are you sure? i've been hoping for this feature for years and have never seen it. i've gotten the red arrow badge on the SMS icon, but never a "failure to send" notification banner or popup...
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    anything SMS related, including failure/delivery reports, is a network/carrier feature, not an iphone specific one. its not something apple can just "include" as its network dependent, not device dependent.
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    Doubt this would happen. SMS as a whole will more than likely become obsolete in the next several years as data-based messaging replaces it.
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    I never had the notification or banners either until I updated to ios 7. Just the badge.
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    isnt that was "delivered" below the sent message basically does?
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    Have to agree, that's why Uk carriers offer unlimited SMS on there tariffs.
    It's because most people wouldn't use them, but they cap/limit data as it's far more popular with iMessage, whatsapp, etc

    I think out of my contacts only one person uses regular SMS as there reluctant to upgrade there ageing nokia.
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    In the US it is the other way around. Most people use SMS since it is unlimited in most plans and data is what is capped.
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    Would be nice my Nokia 5300 from 2006 had this for Pete sake
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    Actually you are wrong. Gsm standard includes SMS delivery reports by default. Some networks chose not to support it but most do. It's just that apple has never considered it priority enough.
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    that's not totally true with iMessage. Apple has full control over that, and can let you know if an iMessage didn't make it through.
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    The 5110 from 1995 had it
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    How can apple implement something that is non existent? If carriers don't support it then the feature cannot be implemented. :rolleyes:


    Apple has control over iMessage because it's NOT SMS....
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    The standard is there, a few carriers don't support it but most do. So it's there. It is very much existent.
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    Why implement something in the OS that not all carriers don't support? It's a moot point anyways because apple uses iMessage
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    It used to be very popular in the UK, before the American led OS's of smartphones. Pretty much every phone here had delivery reporting built right into the handset. You'd know straight away if the sender had received your message.
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    i clearly said SMS, not imessage. im fully aware that imesages use data and are under apples control per se. but SMS messages are carrier handled.
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    It matters because while SMS is an industry standard, iMessage is not.


    Yes, in Spain too. There was also a way to request a delivery report in unsupported phones by adding *n# at the beginning of the SMS.
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    More carriers worldwide support SMS properly, including delivery reports, than support visual voicemail, or a host of 4G and quasi 4G protocols that the iPhone uses.
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    So.. any update about SMS Delivery Report on iOS 7 (iPhone 5).

    My friends using iOS 7 in iPhone 4/4s have this report.. when I ask how to activated.. he didn't now it :|

    He only said, that he used iPhone CDMA version.. so does CDMA version have this featured but GSM not? Here is a prove

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    That seems like some sort of a carrier feature where the carrier sends you a text back after sending the message. Not really as useful as an actual delivery confirmation like in iMessage or some other messengers.

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