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I need a quick little AppleScript

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Benjamindaines, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Hello anyone with AppleScript programming knowledge. I just need a quick little script that will take the text from the clipboard, and paste it into a new .rtfd file on the desktop. Two things the script must do are.... 1. Ask "Who is the conversation with?" then give a text box where I type in "Christine" then it will take the text from the clipboard and create a .rtfd file on the desktop called "Chat with Christine" when I click OK, like wise if I put in "Jeff" it would make a file called "Chat with Jeff". The other thing it must do is keep the formatting ie colours and fonts.

    --Thanks so much

    PS If you decide to be the lucky programmer to take this task please post that you are working on it so I don't get 5 or 6 copies of the same script. Secondly when you are done please email me the file, my email address is my GoogleTalk name.
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    Also one more important thing... Please don't make the script read only. I would like to look at it so I can actually learn some AppleScript.
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    Done. and attached. View attachment Chat Script.zip

    you do know you can set iChat (or amsn etc.) to save the contents of your chats automatically?

    It's just a script, so will automatically load in the applescript editor unless you save it as an application in script editor.

    PS Damn, it doesn't do the formatting :(
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    Yes, but I use Adium (which doesn't have a save option) and I don't want to log everything
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    I was just about to come tell you that, glad you caught it :)
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    Sorry, I can't work out how to do the formatting:confused:

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