I rearranged my desk earlier - hurrah!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by jive, May 27, 2006.

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    I always prefer things to be neater and more organised. Plus it looks all sexy and whatnot...

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    It looks "catalog better," but what did you do with all of the stuff in/on the hutch and all?
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    IMO the before is a much more practical and ergonomic setup. :p
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    I totally agree with what you did. I used to have a hutch, but then I took it off. Everything just feels less busy.

    Plus, I never used anything on the hutch.
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    wow. The second one looks so much better.
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    Looks good jive! I think that I just received some motivation to tidy up my room a bit after viewing this thread- thanks! :) :) :)
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    Very nice improvement. My old desk used to have a cabinet thing over it but I had to take it off to make it feel more open, and then I just got a better desk and I love my new desk.
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    A high five for Jive!

    Good job!

    Now....if I could also get the surfaces in my office that clean.... :D
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    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of desk it that? I like it.
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    Hey I rearranged/tidied up my desk today too! But it doesn't look nearly as good as yours. Good job! :D
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    Wow my desk is that messy right now and i clean it every once in a while... the mess just comes back... *sigh* i think its because of this stupid HP i have:p
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    Its true, Huge HPs do that to a man's desk(or a womens but i know your a Man)But those blue ligths are nice, not as nice as a Mac but still nice:rolleyes: ;)
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    How long do you think you can keep it like that is the new question... :p
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    less clutter = more output and relaxation

    I think your setup looks more appealing. :)
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    I don't seem to be able to see the 'before'...:confused: the after looks good though.

    Edit: it eventually loaded. I would probably try to get rid of the scanner (closet) and put the pencils in the desk drawer. (not that I think it looks bad!) but because when I do similar renovations I go crazy and sacrific everything for simplicity.
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    i think ur setup before was cooler, wiht that top part of the desk, maybe u should have just straightened it up a little bit?. oh well its still nice and neat
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    i like ur desk, where'd you get it?
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    O, hello Xander clone number 562! ;)
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    My desk came from MFI I think... Not sure, it' quite old now...
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    nice clean-up! however, the printer seems to restrict available space for vigourous mouse handling.

    guess it´s time to move the printer ;)
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    Screw congrats for the clean desk . . . you're watching Scrubs!!! Congrats!!! :D :D :D
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    Looks excellent! Gives me some motivation to do the same in my home office!
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    When I work on something and my desk is messy from all the test prints and what not, I think I work better, maybe that's just me though.
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    I tried that and they thought I didn't have enough work to do. :( :D
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    The before image shows that you have character. ;) :p

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