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I think my G4 pb is slowing down...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by londonweb, Mar 23, 2006.

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    I'm relatively new to the world of Macs, and one of things I love about them is that you don't get the gradual degredation in performance that you do with Windows as it gets loaded up with adware, viruses, fragmentation etc etc, usually culminating in a yearly rebuild.

    Or so I thought...I've had my powerbook since November 2005, I've barely added any more software since the first week I had it, nor added any more fonts, plug-ins, widgets etc. yet it seems to be getting sluggish of late. Is there anything I can do maintenance-wise to spruce it up a bit? Perhaps it's just my imagination...

    Rev E G4 pb with 80gb drive and 1gb ram.

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    ...also, you will want to repair your permissions in Disk Utility probably once a month. It's under User>Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. That usually helps when things are sluggish.
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    open terminal and type the following

    sudo periodic daily weekly monthly
    I'm not crazy about programs that basically do that command line for you in a fancy GUI, when all you have to do is type that in terminal.
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    sudo periodic daily weekly monthly
    What does this do, exactly?
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    There are reports that the latest Security Update 2006-02 from apple has made systems slow. I have the same powerbook and things have definitely slowed down. Check out macfixit for possible solutions: there is a post on the front page. http://macfixit.com/

    So far repair permissions and clearing the cache did nothing for me.
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    that sounds about right, actually. I'll have a look at the link, thanks.
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    Just checked, and my permissions are in a right mess- I'll let you know if it helps.
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    It runs the system maintenance (sp?) functions that are supposed to be run on a daily, weekly, monthly basis all at once. Depending on what version of OS X you have (chrontab vs. launchd) the system will do these tasks at certain times during the early morning hours. It's basically an inherited trait from the UNIX systems of old, which were on 24/7/365.

    Most of these tasks are set to run around 3AM in the morning, but because most of our computers are run as consumer desktops as opposed to mission critical servers, our computers sometimes are turned off or in sleep mode when these tasks would normally be run.

    So people made programs like MacJanitor that basically is a fancy-schmancy GUI interface to run that little line of terminal, and then read off a log file when it's done.

    I just find being an elitist prick about using terminal instead of bothering with a GUI interface to be more to my style :)

    When I get home, I'll point you to some links about changing when these tasks are run, all through the command prompt. It's kind of fun, actually, learning terminal.
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    Strangely enough, I think I have the same problem.

    I have a PB G4 1.5GHZ 1.25 GB RAM and I run sterMachine pretty regularly.

    It cleans all my catches, runs the daily/weekly/monthly cron jobs etc, and all has been hunkydory for the last year and a half.

    Recently, my PB has slowed right down. All my apps take about 2x to 3x as long to launch, even Mail and Firefox are pig slow now. I was looking at what i'd installed recently (nothing except ShadowBane, a MMORG I was looking at) and going through my disk looking for plugins to uninstall, but no effect.

    Grr, it does seem that security update has caused the problems :(

    Looking at the MacFixIt article, maybe I'm looking at the wrong place, but it seems to be talking about 10.4.5

    I'm on 10.3.9

    Any help please?


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    Safari has been slowing down on me lately, guess the security update did it. Other than that I haven't noticed any changes in my Rev A. iBook G4 1ghz. Seems just as snappy as it was with 10.3 two years ago.
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    is this apple's way of telling me i need a new MBP or maybe a soon to be intel PM?
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    My two-week-old MBP is a bit slower too.

    Hopefully 10.4.6 fixes this?...
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    Now that I think of it...PithHelmet might be the root of all evil for my problem. Worth it though to not have ads all over websites.

    Still strange that now it is slow and has pauses, never was like that before until recently.
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    :) im glad someone brought this up because mines is becoming slow also..
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    Not really help I'm afraid, just saying that I have a 12in Powerbook 1.5 running 10.3.9 and it has been slowing down recently.
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    I just ran the terminal (sudo periodic daily weekly monthly), it prompted me for my password, and thats it.

    How will I know when its done?
    I'm running 10.3.9
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    type in your password, and the terminal will run.

    You will know it's finished running when it prints out another command line that you can type into.

    For example, this is what it looks like on my system when it's finished.

    Be aware that you're running panther, which has a slightly different interface.... but the concept is the same.

    Last login: Fri Mar 24 03:41:54 from cb-s214-1.dorm.
    Welcome To My Secret Underground Lair....
    [cb-s214-1:~] seancoll% sudo periodic daily
    [cb-s214-1:~] seancoll% 
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    Got it!

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