I think Rhythmac actually has better guides...

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by mathwhiz90601, Jul 14, 2007.

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    Not only does it provide time since last update and average, but also shortest and longest times between updates and a full history of updates, with a cool interface.
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    Very nice and informative, but it suggests buying the iMac now ;).
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    It suggests buying everything now.

    Looks like they have some more work to do on that site....
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    Also for the Mac Pro, they say that an update is "Plausable" (sic).

    The site looks pretty cool, but is obviously in some kind of alpha stage.
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    "Buy Now" is not their recommendation, it's just a link - in the way of recommendations they just say: Update Overdue etc, in larger text down the page.

    I really like the yearly grid, which shows at a glance what the yearly cycles apple uses when releasing products.

    Cool Beta site, even if their spelling is off.
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    Cool site, except that Safari crashes instantly when I click on the link. (I looked at it in Firefox) So, other than it's still beta, it does provide a more detailed analysis than the guides here on MR.
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    Hmm I've had no problems, but I'm using Safari 3.0.2 beta...
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    I think that buy green "buy now" text is supposed to be a link to the Apple Store.
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    My favorite part is how some of the rumors link back to the main site here.
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    The design and layout is pretty cool, don't think it's better than the guides on here though, the guides on here go into more detail about the actual products, and deal with older models, where as that just provides a "just updated" or "update possible" status' and really basic info
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    I wouldn't put any stock into that site. Case in point: both the Mac Pro and the MacBookPro are listed as "Update Plausible". We know that's not true. The MacBookPro's were just updated, and the Mac Pro should read "Update Long Overdue".

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