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Discussion in 'iPod' started by dornoforpyros, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Since everyone and their mom wants to make a quick buck on iPods now a days I found the following article highly appropriate:
    10 Strangest iPod accessories
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    haha good find
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    mad jew

    An iPod compatible bed yet no iPod compatible bed friend... Hmm... I'll have to patent that one.

    The all new iPummel™. Should that have been written in white text?...
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    I'm surprised iCopulate didn't make the cut. :eek:

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    I could NOT believe #1. Great find, that was good for some laughs! :eek:
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    LOL! That was indeed a good laugh.
    *goes off to hunt down item #1*
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    Wow. As useless as all those are, I could probably think of five or six people I know who would actually consider buying them. These people would probably buy stuff at the Sharper Image as well, but that goes without saying.

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