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iBook Display Problems!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Kenny Pollock, Sep 28, 2004.

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    I'm working on an iBook G3 for school, and whenever we booted from CD's or other harddrives, the display would mess up- stripes, different colors, and my mouse cursor was a block! That startup image (the Apple on white) is crystal clear, but upon loading into the OS, it messes up. I booted from Panther, and just wiped it clean.. the whole install was messed up, but I managed to find my way through and format. After formatting, it was still messed up. I thought it was a hardware problem, but with the display looking crystal clear with the Apple, I figured it couldn't be!
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    Your iBook may need a new logic board. It might qualify for a free replacement. Check here to see if your iBook qualifies.
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    Ah thanks, exactly what it is.
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    Just make sure you have backed up any data before you send it in to Apple. Apple has a tendency to erase your HD when they repair it.
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    Excellent advice. It doesn't hurt to make regular backups of your data anyways, but Apple has been known to unnecessarily wipe hard drives during repairs.

    Good to hear you qualify for the free repair Kenny!
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    Thanks, yeah- well the harddrive was wiped before I posted, LOL.
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    Actually your iBook may have a new logic board in it. Ever since mine was replaced with the updated logic board I've experienced the same problem when booting an OS 9 based CD. I don't have OS 9 installed on this system so I can't tell you that has the problem also.

    EDIT: I was told when it was repaired that the new logic board isn't compatible with anything earlier than 10.3.2, they even provided new Panther disks.

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