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iBook external display

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by rozwell, Sep 10, 2004.

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    hey all, i was wondering what are the options if i were to buy an iBook G4 concerning external displays. Does it support extended desktop? What about a closed mode where you use a usb mouse and keyboard along with an external display?
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    I believe that the iBooks only support monitor mirroring.
    I don't know about closed functionality. Sorry.
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    Yes it is possible with this "hack". I'm using it right now, with my iBook G4 connected to a 17" Cinema Display CRT (ironically pretty much the newest Apple display you can hook up to the iBook). It's not really a hack, IMHO, since it's only enabling functionality in the video card that Apple intentionally disabled to improve Powerbook sales.

    I've got zero complaints, it's worked wonderfully. I know clamshell mode (using the external screen with the laptop closed) was a work in progress last time I checked, but perhaps things have improved since then.
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    Hey, great. Thanks for the link.
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    i saw this but i also saw horror stories of really bad things happening them, ie. fried logic boards.

    are there any heat issues or anything like that?
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    that was with macs that could not handle video spanning, aka ati rage ibooks, i have a 16MB rage mobility ibook and it works great with the hack.
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    As Hector mentioned, the G4 iBooks do handle normal video mirroring, so it's not like there is any extra video out overhead they weren't designed for. While there is more processing with a "larger deskrtop area", there is also more processing if you are using a normal desktop and watching a DVD, etc. So if the board were to melt down solely because of GPU usage, it would have nothing to do with the external monitor and would merely be because of bad design.

    I also have been using the G4 iBook hack (my external is a 19" 1280 x 1024 LCD) since last November. A few have warned that it voids the warranty, but even that may just be smoke from Apple legal.

    How can they maintain that the warranty has been voided when there have been no hardware modifications? If merely changing a software setting voids a warranty, does that mean that changing one's Internet settings or configuring a LAN also voids a warranty? I'm sure they are on some thin legal ground here if they tried to argue this ...
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    It works

    I know there is a hack out there that does work, I know cuz i'm using it right now to display music videos on my tv while still doing work on my computer. The clamshell mode works to, any usb divise can wake it from sleep while closed, so just be carfull plugging things into it when its closed you will wake up the computer, the only problem is with heat issues. the ibook does heat up and disipates some of that heat through the keyboard, so i don't think i would recoment doing to for long periods of time without one of those fan base things that are out there

    my two cents
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    seems innocent enough, i just dont see spending an extra $400 for the powerbook, when i can take that money and buy a gig of ram instead, and now that i know it has/ can be done, all i need to do is wait for my iBook to get here :)

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