ibook for real?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sk8erboy, Jun 11, 2005.

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    * 1.66 GHz PowerPC G4
    * 512 MB DDR SDRAM
    * 80 GB Ultra ATA Hard Disk
    * CD-RW: 32x (read), 16x (write), 10x (rewrite); DVD-ROM: 16x; DVD Recorder: (DVD-R);
    * Mac OS X
    * Mac OS X version 10.3 Panther, Classic environment, Mail, iChat AV, Safari, Sherlock, Address Book, QuickTime, iLife (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD (5), GarageBand), iSync, iCal, DVD Player, AppleWorks, Mac OS X Chess, Microsoft Internet Explorer, EarthLink (includes 30 days of free dial-up service with activation), Quicken 2005 for Mac, World Book 2004 Edition, Nanosaur 2, Marble Blast Gold, Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive, Zinio Reader, Apple Hardware Test
    * 15.10 inch display
    * 11.70 hundredths-pounds

    sounds like fraud to me...? what do you guys think..
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    Jaffa Cake

    For a start, there's never been a 15" iBook. Or one with a 1.66Ghz G4 processor for that matter.

    Whether it's dishonesty or typos is open to debate.
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    Well, considering the fact that the highest clock speed in a iBook is 1.33 GHz, and the largest display is 14 inches.....
    I think that the $300 price tag is a bit rediculous, but I have seen deals as good as that, and they turned out to be legit. I would talk to the seller as much as possible, perhaps even call him, ask him all kinds of questions. It would be a fantastic deal, if it is real.
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    Those specs are so messed up that it can't possibly be right. I was thinking "iMac"? I mean, ~12 pounds isn't a laptop. But 16x DVD-R on a 15" last-gen iMac?

    Fraud or idiot, methinks.
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    300 bucks!? :eek: :eek: :eek: Sign me up :D
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    Well, the 12 pounds could be the shipping weight of the entire box.
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    I e-mailed him saying I am interested but would like a picture of the About This Mac screen, so we'll see what he replies with.
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    Then its a damn heavy box!

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    I still didn't get answered from him yet. I figure if he was a scammer, he would be checking his e-mail 24/7 to get a quick deal. I can't wait to hear back....:D
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    It sounds about right, actually. If you include the box itself, the iBook, the styrofoam packaging inside, the software bundle, the power adaptor, the modem cable and the mini-VGA to VGA adaptor, it would probably come to about 12 pounds.
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    Definately a scam,this listing is on the Chicago Craig List as well.
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    He also snatched those pictures from an ebay auction.
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    It's been like 2 days since I e-mailed him. Seems like a "good" scammer would try to contact me back haha. If he was going to scam, wouldn't he make the specs real as to not make it so obvious? People are SO STUPID. Darn scammers! AHH
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    Or maybe he has no idea what he is talking about so he made up some specs and hoped that someone else was just in the dark as him. I have met my fair share of stupid scammers - not all think their plan through all the way. lol

    I tend to look at the bad in everything so...but if this is real then that is one good deal....too good...MWAHHHHH :)
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    I'm sure it will be easy to tell if it's a scam by how eager he is for me to send the money out really quick. Unless he never even answers!
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    And he didn't mean PowerBook?

    Also, it could possibly be overclocked, and upgraded... Or just fake entirely.
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    Well I was thinking he meant powerbook too, but then the pictures dont go along.

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