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iBook G3 as a file server

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Corbin052198, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I am working on making a linux iBook G3 into a Mac OS X 10.4 File Server. I have yet to format the HD and install OS X, but before I do, can anyone give me some advice on Mac file servers?

    Also, is there any way to make the server use an IP address? I want to use it with a linux netbook running Ubuntu, and an IP seems required.
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    What are you going to do with this fileserver?

    Music, video, images or just for fun?

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    If its for anything more than messing around or very very light server work I would highly recommend against using a iBook G3 as a fileserver. A better option would be to get a $10 or less (can even be free) PowerMac G4 to use as a server as it has faster HDs, and is much easier to mess about with/fix when things go wrong, and you have the option of even adding SATA in later.
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    Just basic files. Documents, virtual hard drive images, cd images, etc.

    At the most, I will be using it for very light server usage. Mostly, I will use it as a wireless 20 GB flash drive.
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    I think if you want to let this on 24/24 this is not a good idea. Something will burn after a few months and you will have pain to find the spare parts...
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    If you plan on running VMs using Networked Hard Disks it wont work, and it should be shut down often (Leaving a laptop that old on 24/7 is asking for it to die or burn..)
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    Perhaps an iBook as a file server is not a good idea.......

    Maybe I will just use it as an external hard drive... :eek:
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    If you want a file-server, as I suggested above, you really cant go wrong with a G4 Tower - especially since it will likely be free thesedays (I have 2 G4 towers in use as Servers, 1 G4/450 for my Files, VirtualBox HD Images and other Junk)and a Dual 867 G4 for all my Music (Having a separate computer just to store my iTunes Library really speeds things up)
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    A G4 is a great idea because you can get one for pretty cheap. If you want to go even cheaper you could get a B&W G3 tower sometimes people will give them away on craigslist and I've seen them on ebay for as little as $10.
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    To add to that I have even begun to see G4 AGP Towers go for free or pennies now (And the prices on the higher end G4s have plummeted)
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    Man that makes me feel bad that i gave away both my imac G3's and my B&W tower :(
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    Heh... some of us hoard the machines, which is ultimately worse (One day I will have every model ever made.. mwhahahahahahaha)
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    Yeah :( I had one off all the G3's! and was going to go for all the G4's :) But space is a No-no! So iBook G3's went, imacs and the powermac :( So all i ahve now is a Powerbook g3 and a Powermac g4 :)

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