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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Helmut Kool, Dec 3, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    I got my new 12" iBook G4 from Apple Web Store last week. Otherwise I'm very happy with it, but the case seems to be little broken or badly constructed. The bottom left part of it, where I rest my hand while writing with the keyboard, makes a creaking noise. The upper gray part doesn't touch the lower white part unless I push it, that is, there's a gap between them. It is pretty annoying..

    Does anybody else have the same problem? Should I try to send the computer back to have it replaced or fixed? I already took it to a local repair shop. They took it apart and put it together again, but that didn't help. Some might say this isn't a big problem, but I think you should get a perfect quality computer for 1300 EUR.

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    I noticed this too with the bottom left corner of my iBook G4 12", though in my case it doesn't make any significant creaking noise. The amount of give is pretty small, but it's not the rock-solid construction I was expecting. At the moment the only annoying thing is that when you rest your palm on it, you don't get the same solid feel as on the right side. I assumed it was as a result of getting the 40GB HD upgrade--after being opened up for the upgrade, perhaps it isn't sealed shut as solidly as it would have been otherwise.

    Another minor quality control issue is that the spacebar isn't perfectly straight (the gap between it and the palm rest is noticably bigger on the right side than on the left). And the left side of the touchpad button sticks up ever so slightly higher (just enough to be noticable) on the left than the right.
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    I also have the new iBook G4 and I also noticed that the case is not straight everywhere. The machine itself is really nice, but this is something that really bugs me, since I am a perfectionist on stuff like that.

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    my rubber feet keep falling off
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    maybe its because its 3 am and I've been studying for finals for the past 10 hours but that was the funniest thing Ive read today....lol
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    left side looseness

    This issue has been all over the apple discussion boards. I don't have any clue what they intend to do about it though. Sorry I can't help. I just ordered a new g4 ibook so I hope I'm not back here saying the same thing.

    P.S. this issue has been on both BTO and Stock models.
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    I have a BTO iBook G4 (specs in sig) and my case is just fine... the feet aren't secured on as much as I'd like that's for sure but I've only lost 'em when I pull them in and out of a backpack (which I won't do again). Maybe I'll use some superglue or something...

    No creaking on mine, no big gaps, the keyboard seems a little crooked (space bar higher on one side than the other but it doesn't feel weird at all...

    Sorry to hear that some of yours are mucked up...
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    what I would like to know is why are these even leaving the factory like this? I thought quality control was a big thing to apple...
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    This is the only problem with my first ever mac

    I have a BTO G4 12" iBook.

    I have HD and Bluetooth added and the bottom left corner is slightly loose and makes a noise when my palms rest there to type.

    I started to notice this after nearly a week but this is only slightly anonying but hasn't stopped my enjoyment of my first ever mac. Man you should have seen the build quality on some of the Dell's, Compaq's and Toshiba's I've worked on in the past.

    The only difference is, they were work's pc 's and this is my baby. Now, if only it had a backlit keyboard..... :)
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    I just received my new G4 iBook on Friday. I had to take the battery out to insert the Airport card, now the battery doesn't sit flush in all four corners. The front left corner sits away from the laptop.
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    I just got my G4 iBook last week, it's a sweet machine, but I have noticed the same things as you guys.

    The left hand side makes the tiniest of noise, it's definitely not as solid feeling as the right side.

    The gap between the case and the space bar is bigger on the right hand side of the space bar.

    The battery doesn't fit flush.

    The keyboard seems to be slightly higher at the backspace key, so it's more noisy than the other keys.

    Oh, and sometimes when i hit my 's' key, i get two s's. If that makes sense.

    I got a wireless card put in, the hard drive upped to 40gig and a bluetooth module.

    Anyone else with some of the above?


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    Quality Control --- Ha ! Better wake up Apple...

    The previous iBooks had bad "reed switches" in the right hinge that caused a display blackout at 30 degrees open angle of the lid.

    The "fix" was to stuff a protective sleeve over the reed that then left ALL such iBooks with that hinge higher than the left one.

    And the open edge design looks like a water warped cigar box lid -- gull winged upper lid held precariously by one center-mounted latch.

    It is a case of a beautiful design idea being executed with L-O-U-S-Y workmanship....
    something about cheap labor abroad ???

    If Apple Inc. doesn't wake up and smell the coffee soon, it will lose whatever reputation it still has for solid, beautiful fit and finish.

    Sony is nipping at Ives' heels quite effectively with their designs that are BACKED UP WITH QUALITY FIT AND FINISH.

    I just opted out of an upgrade to the G4 12-inch precisely because I am LIVID about this.

    If I wanted crap like this, I would have bought a winbox.

    Enough comparisons of the thinness of the laptops vs. other brands !

    The complaints have been on the web for years now, and Apple still sits on their smug ass about it.

    I could use a little less fanaticism over THINNESS and a lot more integrity regarding the downright SLOPPY quality of assembly.

    BTW, already ran into a 20 " iMac with a lob-sided screen.

    Maybe Apple guru's would like it if we served them a thank you filet mignon with a crispy
    cockroach on top --- you know, an acceptably insignificant little roach.

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    Rod Rod

    I took my brother-in-law's 12" PowerBook to the "geniuses" at the Apple Store about a fit-and-finish issue. Mind you, this computer's body is made of metal. The "geniuses" informed me that Apple's warranty does not cover plastics.

    iBooks have plastic bodies, so this policy of theirs would actually apply in the case of the beautiful white laptops.
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    You had to take out your battery to put an airport card in? On my 12" iBook the airport card goes under the keyboard. Do you have a 14"?
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    I should have clarified. Yes the Airport card goes under the keyboard, but the instructions say to disconnect the battery to insert the card. I do have the 14".

    Since I just got this should I call apple or not really worry about it?
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    My battery also isn't quite perfectly flush but it does seem held in place very well, it's a lot better than my old compaq M700 which would move about so much the contact would sometimes be lost.

    It's not something I'm going to worry about especially as I had to wait so dam long for the thing to arrive (nearly 4 weeks)
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    You people are some anal-retentive weirdoes! My iBook exhibits all of the non-issues you are talking about. They are nothing. You are freaks. You would find fault with anything. My iBook G4 is solid, and the best machine I've ever owned. Not all of us dwell over "imperfections" that are mere fractions of a millimeter, and you have to be actively looking for to be bothered by. Sheesh!
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    when someone pays good money for something they have every right to insist it be perfect. its people like you that quality control people love because you will settle for second best.
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    If it's any consolation to you guys with the little irritations, my iBook G3's display is essentially falling off (the white exterior plastic is coming off the hinge by over 1/8"). I called Apple about it, and they said they don't cover the case. It's to the point where I can see the exposed wires in the gap between the hinge and the plastic case. :(

    Sorry if I went a little off-topic on this one..but it seems along with the logic board problems plaguing iBooks, Apple has got some pretty big QC issues to deal with.
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    this is why I have not owned a laptop since the 540 in 96. too many little things to go wrong. I would find it totally unacceptable that they don't cover the case. is it not under applecare any longer?

    the plastic panel on the right side of my blue and white G3 was covered for only having a small crack about 3 years ago so one would think that a laptop would get even more attention.
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    Yeah. Add that one to my list.

    Speaking of the battery, there seems to be an error in the manual or a problem with my iBook. On reinserting the battery, the manual says "Gently press the right side of the battery down until the battery latch locks into place."

    But mine doesn't lock into place itself--it just pops back up and I have to manually turn the latch to lock it. Is yours like that as well, or is mine missing a spring? :)
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    Finally found it...from the AppleCare terms and conditions:

    The Plan does not cover:
    : Repair, replacement, or maintenance of items that have been subject to wear and tear, such as cases, key caps, knobs, handles, batteries or mechanical parts.
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    the plastic falling apart at the hinge is not wear and tear, its bad workmanship and design. wear and tear seems to be a very broad term for apple. if I were you I would cause a huge stink about this. thats unacceptable!
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    i'm starting to think that apple should have stayed with the clamshell design as they were probably the toughest laptop case ever made next to the titanium powerbook. no one ever seemed to complain about them. the new ibook casing seems to really be flawed ever since they switched to the all white more squared style.
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    i was planning on placing my order for an ibook 12" in the next few weeks, but you guys have pretty much scared me out of it. I have saved for 6 months, and I want a PERFECT machine. Maybe $1400 is cheap for $teve Job$, but it's really expensive from my broke perspective.

    Maybe I should get a powerbook instead. I am a student, so I don't really need the speed, but it has got to be turbo-durable. I don't think the pbooks have this many engineering issues.... or do they?

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