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iBook G4: Is it dead?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by chevychase, Nov 28, 2008.

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    Hey all!

    My beloved iBook 1.33 wont boot, has flashing ? and freezes when I try to boot from original CD with a bunch of vertical lines. I ran the diagnostic DVD and it says Invalid memory access. I removed the external ram chip for computer and still get same error. I also zapped PRAM, reset NMVU (whatever it's called). Can anybody help me PLEASE??????? I already have the iBooks case open and willing to try anything.

    Here is the freeze screen when I insert the original start up CD...

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    I hate to say this but it seems your motherboard is on it way out. Since you can't replace the onboard memory.
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    Any possible fixes to try? I got the case off already.
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    Sorry, but once your logic board dies your machine is practically dead unless of course you get if fixed where you might as well get a new(er) machine for the money it would cost. But that is what it sounds like is the problem.
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    It may just be a pinched cable in the hinge.

    take it apart and reseat the cable.

    Since you are getting video, it isn't the video chip.

    Google around but I think it is fixable.

    xlr8yourmac has a fix it for the video chip.
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    The mother got fried or it's life expectancy is up. I would get a new notebook since its a downward spiral of endless problems after the initial logic board dies.

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