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ibook hinge...probably a dumb question...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by drater, Oct 29, 2005.

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    Recently I have noticed that when I close my ibook I the hinge is not parallel with the computer. here are some pics...it works normal but just looks like it could turn into a problem. I treat my ibook like a baby and only have had it for about a month so I assume it was like this when i bought it. (i took the photos with my camera phone) The first picture is the right side of the hinge that looks fine, second one is the left one that looks kinda funny....any suggestions? View attachment 33730

    View attachment 33731

    I'm kinda anal about how I treat my computer so I want to make sure nothing is wrong
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    what r we looking at in those pics? maybe i can help but i cant figure it out

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    the computer is put on its side and looking down into the the gap. For example, imagine taking the ibook, flipping it so it looks like a 90 degree angle (on its side) and then I put the camera facing down the gap...make sense? View attachment 33732
    imagine this is frame by frame, getting closer and closer....that's how i took the picture for both sides...
    View attachment 33733
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    mad jew

    I think I know what you're getting at but it's really hard to tell from the pictures how bad the problem is. Does the case still shut properly? Is it loose or overly tight? :)
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    ok i see it now but i dont see anything wrong with it. if u are worried about it then go to an apple store(if u have one close by) and let them check it out.
    didnt help much but its looks fine

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    It looks alright, I doubt you will have any problems with it :)

    Those ibooks are "child safe" bricks, they are more rugged than you give them credit for
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    Hmm, mine aren't like that. Bring it to a store if you can. Does it still close right and everything though? It might just be misshaped plastic, not broken or anything.
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    yeah it closes fine and it doesn't seem like it is too tight or too loose, next time i am going to the apple store I'll try to remember to bring it with me, just wanted to ask for advice considering i was whipping it down today and noticed it. Guess it isn't a problem cause my computer and lid are working fine, thanks for the advice everyone.

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