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ibook is getting hot

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by zhenlee, Mar 2, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I just bought the G4 ibook in about two weeks. I calibrated the battery immediately after I bought it (charged it to full, and drained it completely). The first a few days when I used it (on battery), the laptop was just a little warm. Now it is getting hot. Sometimes the fan started. Is this normal behaviour? or something I need to be worried about?

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    Where do you have your laptop? on the bed? desk?....the lappy do get warm when its on a a flat surface.

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    ibook is getting hot

    I always put it on my lap.
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    it'll get much hotter down there than it will on a desk, etc. That may be your problem.
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    mine has been getting hot the past two days or so too, even on my desk though. i'm kind of thinking it's the humidity right now, it's really hot. where are you located?
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    Dunno if that's true...I got my iBook in the dead of summer and then fans go on just as much as they do now when it's 15°F out...only when I'm playing a high 3D game for more than 10 minutes.
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    Mine has never gotten to the point where my fans go on, it's sitting at about 47c, but that temperature just cooks my left palm. very frustrating.
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    Mr MacBlue

    Underneath where your left palm rests is your iBooks HD, which gets hot in my book as well. However, I've never even noticed the fan in my iBook.
    There's a widget which shows you the temperature within your iBook.
    Go to:


    It's in German, but trust me, you will find the widget at the bottom.
    Then you can tell us which componets of your iBook get really hot.
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    Stop drinking. With too many beers almost everything gets hot. :p
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    yeah, i've downloaded that widget before. it's also on the apple site. I'd really say that 48c-49c is my average temp. this is normal i'm sure, it's just warm under the left palm rest - bad place for the harddrive.
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    It always seems hot when its on your lap. My iBook seemed like it used to get real hot also. You just notice it when its on your lap more than if it were on the desk. Prob nothing to worry about.

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    You do want kids sometime in the future, don't you? :rolleyes:
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    Look into an iLap if you plan on keeping it on your lap at all times. It will also help to keep it cool when you have it on a desk, given it's removable pad on the bottom. It's $50 and you can pick it up at any CompUSA or here.

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