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ibook keyboard not working

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by max¥¥, Mar 22, 2009.

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    after doing a diy gpu reflow on my 800mhz ibook g3 (a success) the built in keyboard has been acting erratically or sometimes not at all
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    Did you make sure to reconnect the keyboard ribbon cable completely? If so, is one of your coins shorting out the underside of the keyboard perhaps?
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    does a plug-in work?
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    the ribbon cable is plugged in propley - i checked several times
    and the coins stopped working so i did a diy reflow using a heat gun (fixed the gpu) this is when the problem started
    haven't tried that yet will try in the morning
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    ok, i tried it with the usb keyboard of my imac g3, and the usb keyboard worked perfectly
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    any ideas:confused:
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    You're probably shorting something out/melted something associated with the keyboard with the heat gunning. =\
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    any idea what:confused:
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    You could have reflowed one of the keyboard connectors on the logic board into another one. Did you use a shield when you gunned it (congrats on that working, BTW)?
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    i used 4 layers of aluminum foil to shield it wile i re flowed it
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    High five getting it fixed! My 900mhz iBook had the graphics issue and I heatgunned it and ended up killing it completely haha.
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    i had a 900mhz aswell (only the logic board) and i killed that using a heatgun
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    Al foil isn't exactly the best insulator...in fact is conducts very well and has a low thermal capacity. (Hence why you can grab a sheet of Al foil straight out of the oven and not burn yourself)

    Chances are it didn't shield very well...
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    i will check the logic board later (since it is open for painting:):):D)
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    Double check for dust in the connectors and I once used a blowdryer on a disconnected iBook G3 keyboard and it fried the thing. Not that much heat wrecked it. You may just need a new keyboard.

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