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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hodgjy, May 11, 2005.

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    I have an iBook G4. I just replaced the keyboard because the space bar wasn't working correctly anymore. It was a challange to get Apple to agree to fix it, because I was passed the 90 days phone support (but well within the year warranty). Anyway, I got it fixed.

    Here's the first issue. It was a tight fit getting the new keyboard in. It's in now, but it's not coming out anytime soon. I guess it's good I upgraded my ram awhile ago. Does anyone else here have similar problems with their iBook keyboards being "stuck" in place. I suppose I could use a lever to get it out, but it doesn't need to come out anytime soon, plus I don't want to mar the casing. Or I could pop the f12 and esc keys off, and use the metal hooks as pulling handles.

    Here's the second issue. I've read various threads over at Apple, and elsewhere, about people having the paint wear off their iBook keyboard letters within a short time. "Apparently" Apple knows about this, it's "supposedly" a widespread issue and Apple "is working" on making better paint in the future. However, the problem with forums is most of the posts come from people with problems--so the problems get amplified, per se. So, my question to you: do the current iBook users here have any problems with the paint on their keyboards? Or does it appear to be an isolated issue?

    It's been suggested that the letters wearing is the result of lotions, natural skin oils, and not washing your hands. Is this the case, or does Apple really have a real problem? My last keyboard didn't have any wear issues, so maybe I got a "good" batch. I hope my new keys aren't from a "bad" batch. Seeing as how much trouble it was replacing my old keyboard, I don't want to do that again if the letters wear.

    Another question--I've searched the forum here, and only found about 2 replies about the iSkin Protouch PB keyboard protector. Has anyone here used it? What's the verdict on it?

    Sorry for the long post. I had a lot to say, and I'm looking forward to your replies.
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    About keyboard paint ...

    I have an iBook G3, nearly four years old. After about a year or so, the "e" key was the first to show wear. Now it's invisible! In the top row, everything's gone except the q and p keys.

    OK, so it's supposed to be caused by lotions, skin oils etc? No way! I've been using Macs for more than 10 years, and never had this problem before.
    My previous one was a Powerbook that lasted more than four years, and not one key ever appeared worn. And there's certainly been no change in my use of lotions, or any increase in natural skin oils, LOL!

    I did see a website recently which has individual replacement keys for about $8 each. Sorry, but I'm darned if I can remember where it was! I decided it wasn't worth replacing them at this point.

    Everything else about this iBook has been great, no problems, but I hope the next one I buy will have more permament keys!
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    I used the living chutzpah out of my G3 iBook and never had any problems with the paint coming off the keys. All other iBooks I've seen have awesome looking keys, too. But that's just my observation.

    The iSkin keyboard protector is AWESOME!! I love mine! It fits iBooks and PowerBook keyboards. It makes the keys less slippery, so it's easier to type, IMO. Also, with the beautiful white iBook keyboard, it gets dirty SO easily, and popping off all the keys and cleaning it 2x a month isn't my idea of fun (especially when the keys don't go back on the first time)! The iSkin keeps it clean and wonderful.
    Go to the apple store, and ask if they have an open one. You'll get it for about $10 opened. $20 if brand new. I think it's the most overlooked accessory. (I'm full of it, I know)

    Good luck with your keyboard! :)
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    Look at www.lajo.biz for lots of color options too. I have a pink one and a blue one. :)
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    I should also have mentioned that the keyboard paint problems seem to be isolated to the G4 iBooks. The G3 iBooks with the "crystal" keys seem to be inert to these "new" problems.

    Thanks for the posts so far.
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    I'm not 100% sure if it really is the oils or the typing style (like touch typing involving hitting keys pretty hard) or what that causes keys to wear down or take a shine or whatever, but I did that to the Thinkpad T42 at my last job. On my iBook G4 12", I only used it for a short period of time without the cover, but there was a hint of this same effect happening on the spacebar. So I guess that, if you're a person who's ever had this issue with another kind of computer, you're likely to have it with the iBook G4 too....

    I guess it's a tradeoff. I find that my touch typing is a little worse using the iSkin, but maybe not too much worse. OTOH my keyboard stays new, and it looks nice to me (well, a lot of people here hate it for the looks, but I get lots of compliments on it from others, too). Also one more tip is that, with the darker colors and the lack of a key backlight, it can be really hard to see which key is which in dim light...which occasionally is an issue.
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    My fiancee's iBook G4 (bought in October) is starting to show wear on three of the keys.
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    I've never had any faded/worn out letters on my PowerBooks (from as far back as the PB 520), but the shiny space bar thing has happened from constant use. If I look at it at a certain angle you can see where it's hit the most.

    Same goes for my desktop keyboards. No letters wearing off, but the space bar has a slight shine where the thumb always hits it at.
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    Artful Dodger

    I've had my iBook since Dec. 11, 2004 and at first I didn't have an iskin but I now use one so my keyboard looks brand new still.
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    Actually, same goes for me -- I seem to knock a shine into a lot of the keys, but I've never worn the lettering off the keys on anything. :eek:

    So...it's strange, that you mention it's only the space-bar that gets the shine. Were it a skin oil kind of thing, wouldn't all the keys wear down? Maybe it does have more to do with how hard you hit the key, since more people hit the space bar hard than the other keys? LOL, not that this is an important point. :rolleyes: ;)

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