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iBook Memory Upgrade, Advice?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kwong2006, Sep 25, 2006.

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    I am thinking about upgrading the memory on my iBook, which I purchased before the last revision on the laptop in 2005. My iBook has 256MB memory built in, and I am thinking about upgrading to 1GB. However, I was wondering whether I should use PC2100 or PC2700 memory SODIMM RAM.

    According to Mactracker, my iBook supports PC2100 RAMs and PC2700 RAMs natively, but PC2700 chips can only run up to 266Mhz on my iBook.

    Which one should I buy?
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    It doesn't matter...as you noted, PC2700 will clock down to 266 MHz, making it perform like PC2100. PC2700 is usually cheaper, because it is usually more plentiful (since it's newer), so most people usually end up with that.
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    About it being cheaper, I went to Fry's Electronics the other day, and 2700 is a bit more expensive than 2100 for some reason. Like 50 bucks more expensive than 2100. How so?
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    RAM prices are a bit out of whack these days due to supply shortages stemming from the upcoming Vista release. That may explain it.

    PPC Macs can be a bit picky about RAM, so folks here often recommend not going with the bargain basement brands. You'll see a lot of recommendations for OWC and DMS here.
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    I think they are Corsairs. I've heard they are good. However, I want to know if the price jump with 2700 justifies buying them instead of 2100.
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    As long as you're satisfied with the warranty/return policies in case you run into problems, feel free to pick up the Corsair RAM. There will be absolutely no difference in performance between PC2100 and PC2700 RAM in that machine, so buy the cheaper one.

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