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ibook Memory

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by thom1301, Nov 10, 2004.

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    Hello Apple people. Long time reader (okay, so, for like a week), 1st time poster. I just got my 12" ibook (1st Mac), and was wondering if I should upgrade the RAM, and by how much. It will be used 50% for storing/working with photos (Photoshop) and doing word processing, and 50% for email, internet, and games. I will also watch movies on trips. Since it only has one open slot, I don't want to get too little and be sorry later on. Do you need special RAM for a Mac? Can you use 2700 RAM instead of 2100 (we have some extra in the office)? Thanks so much, and I'm sorry for the lame post.

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    Is it the brand new one? Or is it an older one? - How much RAM does it currently have? If its 256, I'd consider going up to 512 or 768, or if you have the $$ go up to 1.25GB Then you wouldn't need a new iBook for a few years.
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    Sorry, it's the 1.2 G4 with 256 mb built in. I was kinda torn between adding a 512 or saving up for a 1 gig.
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    I have the same iBook as you. I just bought a 256MB ddr so dimm. I would have gotten a 512 but I was a bit short of cash. 512 should be fine for most stuff but 768 may be better if you do things like runnig photoshop, illustrator and other stuff simultaneously.
    I believe 2100 should work. I have a 2700 cause that's the only one they had in the store.
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    In NZ, PC3200 RAM is cheaper, If it's the same situation in the US, go for that.

    The pricing on 1GB is always coming down, so you may not have to save up for too long.

    512MB is generally enough for most people.

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