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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by prostuff1, Sep 5, 2005.

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    A weird thing happened last night. I got done using my iBook so i shut the lid and left it to sleep. I woke up half way through the night the fan was on and going full blast like i was watching a movie or playing a game. And worst of all the front light that pulses when the lid is closed and the book is asleep was off. I opened the lid and nothing happened. the screen did not come up and the fans continued to go. I ended up holding the powerbutton down for 5 seconds and forcing it to shut down. It is back on now but that was a little weird. And also, my volume does some funny things. It is like my speakers are bad. When the book first starts up they crackle a little. ONce everything is on it is fine.

    So, anyone have any suggestions??

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    I have had problems with my iBook where I haven't quite shut the lid and it hasn't gone to sleep. Then it keeps running and when I try and start it again the battery has drained and it doesn't come back until I plug it in......

    Are you sure it was closed properly and sleeping before you left it????

    .....as for the speaker problem I don't have that issue on my iBook but have had it for a couple of years on my iMac. Until I got the iBook I thought it was just a speaker test that was part of the start up..... be interested to know if anyone knows what this is.
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    When u put ur iBook to sleep, do u have the power adapter plugged in or u just have the battery in ur iBook?
    I'm guessing this might be some logic board failure...hehe...i'm not 100% sure about this but i think thats wht i can probally come up with if u have ur battery and power adapter plugged in...
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    Well, i had the battery in and the AC pluged in. It was a black screen I am positive about that. I have it back up and running now.

    Should i do the hardware test to see if that brings up anything??

    I think i might try to do that just to see what happens


    As for not closing it all the way, now that you say something i am not sure. But since it was pluged in i would guess that should not have mattered.
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    Check for Virus

    If I were you in this situation, I would first see if Virex finds any Viruses in your mac. That may be the problem and what is causing the wierd symptoms now.

    If you do not have Virex, or if it uncovers nothing, I would back up my home folder and then reinstall the system, making sure to erase the HD in the process.

    Sorry to hear of your woes...

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    mad jew

    It's not a virus. However, I'd get it checked out. You haven't installed the hack that lets you run iBooks with their lids down, have you? Oh, and is it third party RAM? And do you have any Bluetooth devices nearby?
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    One more thing

    Is your mac set to awaken to ethernet network administrator access? I am not sure, but if your mac was not shut tight, someone else could have accessed your mac wirelessly. Do you live close to others?

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    Yeah you should run the Hardware test and see...
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    I had the exact same thing happen to me on the very first night that I got my PowerBook. It was definitely closed properly and asleep as I checked for the white light. In the morning I woke up to hear a strange whirring noise coming from the living room - which turned out to be my brand new PB. It was boiling hot, fans going full blast but i couldn't power on the screen or anything. ended up pulling the battery out and leaving it for a while to cool down. It was fine after that and I never noticed any volume problems or crackles. I went into my power settings and disabled the wake options as i guessed it must have been an ethernet call or something like that which woke it up and it probably overheated because we were having a very hot spell of weather in london at the time. It hasn't happened since then thankfully. Try disabling those 'wake' options.
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    The same thing happened to my PB about a month ago. I put it to sleep one night when I was done using it. It was plugged into the AC adaptor. When I got up the next morning the fans were going full speed and the PB was flaming hot. I had to force it shut down. Then it wouldn't restart at all. I ended up having to reset the PMU. I posted about it here but ended up taking to the Genius Bar. Long story short... it was my battery. They exchanged my battery and it never happened again.

    When you restart your iBook does the start-up chime sound normal? My PB wouldn't chime with the faulty battery in. That was the Genius' frist clue.

    You should call Apple. It's not normal and it could be very easily fixed. Good luck.
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    Well, thanks for all the input!!

    I ran the hardware test and everything passed even the extra 1GB of ram i have in there. I get the startup chime when i turn it on so it is not that. I just check the wake from sleep thing for admin stuff and it was checked. I unchecked that. If i can get it to do it again i will definently call Apple support.

    But as for right now it is running better now that i have done the Hardware test stuff.


    P.S. and as for taking it to an Apple Store, that is kinda difficult. I live about 3 hours and 30 min from the nearest store. Go figure. But is it does keep happening i will call and have them go through the stuff with me.
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    mad jew


    That should fix it. No need for the Apple Store. :)
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    I had the cracking chime start-up sound on my mac mini. That was caused by bad ram. After i took out the ram the chime was normal. Don't know if that is your issue or not.

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