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iBook Problem?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by cnakeitaro, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hey guys,

    Not sure if you can help, but what just happened to my iBook G3 is kind of concerning to me. I was surfing the web on my iBook while sitting on my couch with it on my lap running on the battery. Someone came to the door (the delivery man bringing me my iMac Core Duo), I set it down on the couch, at the same time a message came up on the screen. After I got up, I decided to press the return key to dismiss the message.

    When I did this I felt a static shock, and suddenly my computer shut off. I was fearful that I killed it, but when I rebooted it, it only sat on the apple loading screen for awhile, and when Mac OS X booted, the time was reset back to sometime in 1969. I'm using it right now to type this message, anyone have any ideas? Is it on it way out?

    BTW, it ran out of its 3 year applecare last summer. So, I guess its a good thing I have my iMac now. Thanks for any input.
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    eh, the 60's were better anyway. mellow out man.
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    I just set my iBook down, and now the fan is running on overdrive. god its gonna die @.@
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    well just leave it off for now, fan means it hot. see how it works tomorrow.

    go enjoy your brand new imac.
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    after i get my iMac setup, i'm gonna turn it on and transfer as many files as I can, its very coincidental that it died right now. Its like it detected a replacement, its too bad, I would of ordered a MB Pro, if i knew my laptop was gonna die.

    And i've never really heard my fan in my iBook before. Its a sad day and a happy one at the same time.

    PPC must have some self destruct chip when Intel Mac's get within their proximity. Apple must of been planning this for a long time....
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    got my files off

    Ok, so I got my files off my iBook. Any ideas? The whole time its on, the fan is on full speed, with really weird sounds like hard drive access 24/7.

    Still seems to work fine tho.
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    Maybe it needs a new hard drive -- maybe the hd is working overtime and kicking in the fans. Good time to get a new one. Average life span on hds is three years, btw.
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    I recently had a hard drive fail and if you're getting a problem where it sounds like the hard drive is constantly being accessed, chances are the drive is dead. (whether it works right now or not doesn't matter much, it will probably fail soon - check your SMART status) The fan noise is probably just to cool the drive down from all the work it's doing.
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    Did you verify the disk....run and repair permissions you know stuff like that? the fan might of came on because you placed it on your chair you know being hot n all from it being on.


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