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Ibook screen issue plz help

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by machev, Feb 17, 2005.

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    Hi, im in desperate need of help, or just information on what i could do to fix this. I have an ibook 800mhz g3 , when i turn it on , it chimes, and even boots into os X , i can see it on my TV when i hook up the adapter, and everything else functions just fine. I took apart the whole thing thinking its a connection issue , but that wasnt it, so my guess is its the inverter/ cable, or the screen itself, i have no problem ordering a new screen, but i dont want to waste $120 for a screen if it wont fix the problem, any how i heard there are some software fixes, or updates, or whatever they call them that may possibly fix this, any suggestions, or have any of you heard of this "White screen" problem? When the computer is idle fora while the screen even dims, so its sending signals.. i guess... I know you probably think im crazy for taking it apart, but im a certified technician, but as far as macs go i really dont have equipment to test this screen issue, id greatly appreciate any info/help, thanks alot guys and gals.

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    yes my imac is listed as one of those, does this mean i can get it repaired for free? It's not under apple warranty now.. but it looks like its extended for just this repair in particular till march 05, thanks a ton, i'll give them a call.
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    If they determine that it is the logic board (they'll probably have you run some tests), then they should fix it for free. Apple says the program lasts until March 18, 2005, or 3 years after your purchase, whichever is longer.

    Mine has just gone bad as well, only 3 months after the last repair. This is the 3rd time. I've heard reports of others having their logic boards replaced 6 times. I understand that design flaws will happen, and I'm appreciative that Apple has the repair program. But wouldn't you think they could do something so that it wouldn't repeatedly need repair? Or at the very least, I feel like they should compensate somehow, and not just by paying for the repairs. It's great that I don't have to pay for repairs (for 3 years at least), but when you buy a computer you dont' expect to have to send it out once, twice, or even three times a year for a repair. Not to mention I don't like how the repair program has an end. I would think that as long as you have your computer, and as long as you can prove that it is apple's design flaw that is the problem and everything else still runs fine, than apple should fix it! I feel like the death date of my laptop is already set for November, it's 3rd birthday, and the end of the repair program coverage.

    ||end rant||
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    Sounds like it could be a logic board problem to me. Call Apple. They are very good with us iBook G3 owners. Mine just came back from being repaired from being repaired - there was a hair behind the new LCD and a nice black scratch under the microphone so I had to send it back in. It has now recieved 4 logic board replacements, 3 LCDs, 3 optical drives, and several misc. cables and such.

    Next time it breaks, I am demanding a new unit. I would love for this to hold up until a new revision is out and maybe even Tiger so I can get an OS update for free :)
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    Apple has told me if you have to get the same part repaired 4 times, the 5th time it breaks you will get a replacement. There is a number to Apple's corprate customer service in another thread on here, I'll see if I can dig it up for you. Give them a call, they have been very helpful with me. I call them whenever I have problems now instead of the tech support number. They know I have one of the defective G3s and always send a box for repairs no questions asked. I think some of my repairs have not been logic board related and they have fixed them anyway since the computer is such a POS.

    *Edit* Found the phone number: 408-996-1010 Give them a call and see what they can do for you
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    I must thank everyone who replied to this post, i called apple , and they are sending a box for me to ship my ibook out for repairs, they did mention however , that they will run tests, and if it isn't the logic board they will charge me... understandable as long as they are honest about it, which i'm sure they will be :D . I agree on the end date being a bit short, however i am hoping that i have a warranty on the logic board after they replace it considering its a new / refurbished part that has their design flaw in it.... at least 3 months .... and even that is cutting it.. but thanks again !

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