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iBook Screen Problem

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nickelbackmac, Sep 23, 2006.

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    Ever since I sold it here on MR and got it back, there has been a problem with my 12" Dual USB iBook G3 500MHz's screen (lord, that's a long name). Whenever the screen is tilted back farther than 45 degrees or so, the backlight shuts off. I can open the casing and fix it if it's possible. Does anyone know what the problem with it is? I'm trying to get it fixed up and ready to sell back to my friend as his first Mac, and I'm trying to get every problem resolved. Thanks!
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    Jeeze, give people a few hours to answer. It's Saturday, some people actually go out and do things.

    I believe you need a new "reed switch", or, your hinge is pinching the cable and you might be able to reposition it so it doesn't get pinched.
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    OK, I'll see if it's pinched...
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    Well it wasn't pinched. What's a "reed switch" and where do I find one?
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    It may be you haven't had any responses because you've posted a G3 issue in the MacBook & MacBook Pro forum. There have been issues with the iBook G3 logic board from way back. Yours is showing similar symptoms.

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