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iBook software restore question

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by minya, May 10, 2004.

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    Recently got an iBook and played around with it for a bit. I then decided to sell it, so I restored OS X to default using the discs supplied with the laptop. Now I've flip-flopped again and decided to keep it.

    It seems, however, to be missing most of the programs that came pre-installed (THPS4, Deimos Rising, AppleWorks, etc). This doesn't really bother me, and I'd probably rather have the extra hard drive space, but I found it strange. Did I do something wrong in the system restore process? Does this always happen?

    Thanks for any help.

    - Chris
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    You either didn't use all the disks or you don't have all the disks. OS X is 2 CDs and Software Restore is 3. All that stuff is on there though.
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    Ah... okay. I was wondering about that. I was given 2 Software Restore discs, but IIRC, I only had to use one. :confused: Ah well. It's not too big of a deal.

    - Chris
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    Restore DVD/CD for new 12" iBook

    Since the new 12" iBook only comes with a 40 GB as a standard edition, I would like to know the restore CD/DVD which comes with the iBook can give you options which programs you can install. I don't want Apple Works, tria version of MS Office, Quicken. I am not sure how the restore DVD/CD gives you options for a current 12" iBook. Or, do I need the third party program to do this?
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    On mine which is the old one if you needed to do a clean install, you had to do a 'custom install' to select to put on M$ Office trial, and soem other apps.

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    Wait.. what? So you're supposed to get three CDs with the new iBooks?

    I only got two...

    What? Can someone please explain this to me.
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    So, for the current 12" iBook, does it restore DVD or CD has the custom install option to opt out from M$ Office, Quicken, Apple Works, some others (if any)? For the current iBook owners, please chime in.

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