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iBook Specs...

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 17, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Powerpage provides specs for the upcoming iBooks:

    * iBook G3 600 MHz, 128 MB, 20GB, 12", CD-ROM - US$1199
    * iBook G3 700 MHz, 128 MB, 20GB, 12", CD-RW/DVD - US$1499
    * iBook G3 700 MHz, 256 MB, 30GB, 14", CD-RW/DVD - US$1799
  2. SPG
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    If true Then damn.
    Speed bumps are nice, but how sweet would a G4 12" iBook be?
    CDR/DVD 40gig drive. $1500-$1600 That's my very portable dream machine based on existing components.
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    I agree, but we have to stop setting ourselves up for letdowns. There will not be G5's in NY, there will not be G4's in iBook till after SF. The G4 is too much for a consumber laptop in a speedbump. It would require a total redesign of the mother board.
  4. SPG
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    I'd be surprised if the ibook goes to a G4, pleasantly surprised and $1499 poorer, but still surprised. I don't however think it's beyond Apple's abilities to redesign a Mobo, it's more a question of will at this point.
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    this sound about right for apples specs go
    but very dissapointing if they are true...

    g3 should be left behind with almost the whole line of G4's based
    with G5 coming to the powermac in july (hopefully)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Not very impressive specs. But if they pull out a better video card, it might be worth while and would make it a better upgrade all around. What's up with the 1 GHz G3s that IBMs got? They too expensive or is it something else?
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    Ugh!!! Listen carefully, I want to be clear on this. There will not be any G5's in July!!!! It will be SF 2003 or later!!!!

    Please understand that the iBook is a consumer and education laptop, and those specs are great! My G3 600 iBook is very fast for what I do. You don't run Photoshop on an iBook think of the screen.
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    well, an extra 100MHz is always nice, but ill be a bit dismayed if apple sticks with 128MB of RAM in the lower two models...

    obviously OSX will run on 128MB, but have you tried it?

    when these machines are clearly aimed at newbies and students as well as existing mac users (who know about these things), wont they feel like they are using ancient slow monsters running OSX on 128MB RAM?

    if you talk to people who dont have much of a history with computers they expect them to adhere to the same rules as any other expensive purchase like a HiFi or a TV - they wont realize that they just bought something that needs upgrading right away. its this sort of pan-handling that gives technology in general a bad name...

    also, isnt IBM making 1GHz+ G3s these days? you would have thought that if the G3 days are numbered in iBooks, that apple may as well use the best they can get...

    ...then again 'upgrading' the 1.2GHz G3 iBook to an 800MHz G4 when the time comes might not look so good :)
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    Spymac is reporting a rumor of an iBook SE model with a G4, however plausible that may be.
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    Now I can see that, but G4's across the board? Noway!

    I could see a
    G4 667 with a 14.1 inch screen, 256 MB, and 20 GB Hard drive for 1899.00.

    Waddya think Mcrain?
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    Right now I'd kill for the new Tibook, but might consider a G4 ibook. I refuse to buy a G3 anything.
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    I'd love an iBook SE...sounds nice and purdy :). i just hope they keep the 12' screen.
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    I think that it is silly for people to be lamenting the fact that they are not G4s. If you really want a G4 then get a TiBook. As far as I can tell OSX runs perfectly fine on the G3. Sure you can't do massive video editing, but if you're doing that, you probably shouldn't have bought an iBook. For students and the consumer market at large the iBook is perfect.

    I think, from the point of view of myself and for Apple, that it is much more important to keep the iBooks at as low cost as possible. That way more people will think about buying them. The best part about them is that they are Apples, small, and fairly inexpensive.
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    Well, the current iBook motherboard supports up to 800 MHz G3s. I'd love to see that.
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    Re: iBook Specs...

    What with putting the real power only in the 14"? (More RAM, larger HD). Could they be trying to phase out the 12" by insinuating that it's "low-end"?

    I'll keep my G3 600 with a 12" over a G4 (one day) 14" any day!
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    Ah great... RJ just emailed me from work, he decided we are to get an iBook... first chance to get a new computer in years, and i had to tell him no. There's no reason for the iBook line to still be on G3's, especially when they're not even 800MHz. face it people, this iBook is a year obsolete already, even for a consumer model. We cannot afford a TiBook, much as i would kill for one... So we'll either be going iMac or none, and it's probably the latter, since he wants portability.

    I tried suggesting we get an inverter in the car, the dome could sit between your legs (kinda) and it would be semi-portable... hehehe...

    anyway, i know this is going to get me flamed, but COME ON apple, the iBook is LONG due for a G4! Motherboard redesign or not, they should be putting out cutting-edge computers even for consumers. Look at the iMac... it seems Apple is telling consumers who need portability to bugger off...

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    If they did that why in the hell would anyone buy a G4 667 Ti Book for hundreds more??????????
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    Bus speed, ddr

    still doesn't seem enough to justify the price difference I guess.
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    I use my ice500 for FinalCutPro editing and it works just fine. I use an external portable firewire 40GB drive for the video. Works great, and when I'm over at my friends I just plug the drive into his Dual G4 and continue working... I bought the iBook because it had the combo drive and was in my price range (the TiBook was too expensive). I love the small form-factor and the 12" screen. I saw the 14" at MWSF and it was a frankenstein machine... They needed to put a 13" in the 12" enclosure not make it big and bulky to use a 14". The latest TiBook looks good though, but still too expensive. The iBook does need either a G4 or a QuartzExtreme compatible video card though...
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    an idea to ponder

    What about that ebook idea... how about (G3) 700mhz ebook, and a (G4) 667 ibook... that would be a great marketing plan for Apple (think about it). They would get what they crave (fan support & income) ... and so would we (2 great new computers). just an idea.
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    Why is Apple still using G3s? What about a 500mhz G4 with 100mhz bus
    and a graphics card that would support all the features of OS 10.2 (i.e. Quatrz Extreme) Is that too much to ask? What's that Steve? You need fuel for your personal jet? Oh Sorry, I forgot....
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    I'd argue the main reason for keeping the iBooks with the G3 is to distinguish them from the Tibooks.

    They're in a tricky spot b/c they need to go to at least 700 mhz for it to be a perceived upgrade and to make it a G4 would be to close the gap too much. I don't think they'll go to the G4 until the TiBooks get a significant boost. Maybe next time, they'll bump up the TiBooks to 1 ghz and bring the iBook up to 800 mhz G4.
  23. sjs
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    Why do we call it a "new" iBook (or any other Apple computer) when they just give a small speed bump? Or even if they also improve the graphics card?

    Its not "new" or any other word like that. Its the same machine with an upgrade so small as to really deserve just a passing notice. If this constitutes an "event" we seriously need to get a life.

    iMac was new. eMac was new. PowerMac and TiBook changes this year have just been blips...an attempt to catch up that really barely keeps up.

    Call this flame bait if you like, but facts are facts. If the rumor is true, this isnt a headline, its barely worthy of a thread.
  24. SPG
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    sjs, I hear you. A speed bump is not even news, but if it's more than a speed bump than it is worthy of speculation at least.
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    You can't be serious! Do you understand anything other than Mhz? There are a million other things to consider. Bigger screen. Higher resolution. Gigabit ethernet. Dual display-via DVI. 1 Mb of DDR cache. The iBook can't match that. It won't ever match that. You aren't going to see an iBook with those specs for a very long time.

    Brad Nelson

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